The start of a New Year and ……. an open mind opens doors to great opportunities

Well we said goodbye to 2017. it was a strange and worrying year, a lot of nice things happened which unfortunately got over shadowed by the not so nice things. But despite quite high odds we both survived it to see a New Year  Dawn breaking  So hence the heading.

We entered the New Year pleased to both be there together awaiting with an open mind to see whatever opportunities lay around the corner for us.  We hope we will get the opportunity this year to finish off some long awaited orders for Timbertops spinning wheels, however, we make no promises at this stage.

Clive is getting on well but still recovering his balance (with the help of a physio at local hospital) after the ‘op’ in August. Also now his Psoriasis outbreak (brought on by the stress) is gradually getting under control thanks to a very understanding Doctor and our friends Denise and Tim who helped us sort out some homeopathic cream to combine with the Doctors treatment, Unfortunately the Prescribed medication has to include steroids as it is the only thing to clear up the outbreak for Clive but this weakens the skin so it is like paper. So with the Doctors permission we are combining it with a Homeopathic cream mixture in the evenings that is gradually bringing the skin back to normal thickness, such a relief! The Doctor is also very pleased with the results. Back in October/ November we were all very worried as the skin on Clive’s leg was weeping plasma and he was changing his sock 2 or 3 times a day.

We now have an Advocate helping us with the case against the Health Board and they have also been advised how the stress has affected Clive’s leg. We will not let this rest as the fact is it was not followed up in 2015 and  it could have cost Clive his life and we must try to make sure it does not happen to someone else … as they may not be so lucky!

So onward and upwards we must now clear our minds for our journey through 2018.

We are looking forwards to Wonderwool Wales and hopefully we will be accepted for Fibre East, Bakewell and Kendal Wool Gatherings. We will not be attending Woolfest and may well not apply for Yarndale we will see! We also have two Guilds to attend Dorset – February  (where we should have been on 30th Sept 2017)  and Kennet Vale who have asked us to go in July. Also just been invited back to Tynedale Spinners Gathering so looking forward to that too.

Star is well and  has a new little friend  (just a month or two older, also called Star but she is a Welsh Terrier,

we are hoping we can meet up more now as they loved each others company so much and it was wonderful to watch them play. They played for almost 3 1/2 hours non stop around our friend’s house and the Garden.

More blogs this year hopefully……….. watch this space lol!


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Incredible Progress!!

Well Clive has now been home for four weeks and every day is a little stronger. His tenacity has been incredible and from day one made sure that little by little he was going to get stronger. He knows his limits and rests when necessary. Some days a nap after lunch and some days off to bed an hour earlier than normal, some days just taking it steady all day but it is working.

The workshop keys stayed hidden for a while but not long. Work started with a few 10 minute sessions and has gradually increased. Only doing small things that do not mean picking up large planks of wood. But all of it is progress!

Many folk told me that after an AAA op sometimes folk didn’t feel like doing anything for 3 or 4 months and as Clive had had such a major op not to expect too much for even up to 6 months! Well this September Clive and I have been married for 43 years and over the last 15-20 years Clive has turned from being a very negative person to a very positive person. It didn’t happen overnight but it has happened.   After the initial thought of can he actually survive the operation (which even the Consultant warned me could go wrong as they were dealing with an aneurysm that could rupture at any moment – even on the operating table)  I knew that if op went well Clive would make every effort to get back on his feet and into his beloved workshop as soon as was possible. He is never happier than when tinkering with something in there!

The consultant allowed him home 4 days after the op after asking me could I cope with him being home lol! My answer was well I have coped with him for 43 years lol!

The first few days we both rested as I knew the stress had taken a lot out of me too. Although I was looking after Clive at least I was not rushing off to the hospital every day. Clive slept a lot the first few days as was expected then he started getting up and it wasn’t long before he was walking round the house looking for things to do!! After another couple of days he would go out workshop for short 10 minute sessions.

We went to see our doctor a week after Clive came out of hospital, he couldn’t believe how good Clive was and said he has a new nickname now. Felix, cos he must have 9 lives.

It was wonderful to see the Doctors face when we walked in the surgery, as seriously, I think the Doctor had doubted that he would ever see him again after calling the hospital to get him admitted, it was that serious. He was so pleased to see him.
Doctor went on holiday immediately after getting Clive admitted and we had sent the Doctor a card thanking him for saving Clive’s life, which was on his desk on his return from holiday. He said as he opened the card, it brought a BIG smile to his face and he couldn’t stop thanking us for the card as he appreciated it so much. (Not half as much as how we appreciated his actions!)
The outside is healing well but it was a long incision so he knows the inside will take longer to heal. Also Clive is starting to get cheeky now so I know we are on the road to recovery!
Now he has to keep progressing and we will see consultant on 18th October.  We will be guided by him as to what Clive can and can’t do!

We have made the decision that we need a break away and to still go to Kendal Wool Gathering (they had held a space for us to see how Clive progressed).  I will man the stand (just one stand instead of two, so no Timbertops  wheels on display but just about everything else)  and Clive will be there but only doing what he can do AND resting! We will be spending the weekend in a cottage with our friends Denise and Tim from Willo Fibres and it will be lovely to enjoy a change of scenery and good company. Then we shall head off for the rest of the week in Scotland near Stirling in a cottage, resting but close enough to visit family and them to visit us  too. They can also meet Star who will be accompanying us on the trip



Looking forward to seeing anyone that can get to Kendal, do come and say hello and see some new items on our table too. We will have a few  reconditioned wheels too that may interest those that have missed out on seeing us at Yarndale and Bakewell.

Lastly, thank you to all who have sent Clive their best wishes, prayers and Reiki blessings over the last 5 weeks or so. It has been much appreciated





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An update on Clive!

Morning everyone Now that things have settled down a bit I can update and let you all know what has happened to Clive.  Clive has been suffering with bad lower back pain for a couple of months, we thought it was to do with his arthritis of the spine. However, when we were at Fibre East he found he had no strength to push the trolley with stock up a ramp and we wondered if he had done something to his new hips (new in 2013 & 2016).

Anyway once we got home  I managed to get Clive to go to the Doctors on the Tuesday 1st August. Luckily got appointment with Clive’s preferred Doctor who is very attentive and explained the situation to him. He arranged for blood tests and x-rays of Clive’s  spine and hips mentioning that it could  be prostate cancer or arthritis. These were done on the 2nd August. Well after a week the blood test arrived back and everything was fine so prostate cancer was out of equation. (One sigh of relief!)

There was a backlog at the hospital so the x-ray results took until the 29th August to arrive with the Doctor   At lunch time on 29th the Doctor phoned us to say the x-ray results had confirmed that Clive had got arthritis of both the upper and lower spine, however what it had also showed up was that Clive had an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) and that it was quite large, Would we make an appointment to see him the next day. He also mentioned that he had found out this had shown up on an x-ray in Mar 2015!!! It had been noted but no one had followed up on the note!!!! (I will complaining about this once Clive is well on the  road to recovery!) Went to see the Doctor who checked Clive over and immediately called the hospital, before the day was out we had an appointment on the Friday morning for him to have a scan and see the Consultant and in the meantime Clive was to take things very carefully as the AAA was large & could rupture at any moment and chances of survival if it ruptured were very very slim especially out of hospital!!!

We went to the hospital (me driving very, very carefully) on the Friday morning. Clive had a couple of different scans, blood tests and saw the Consultant who explained that normally they catch a AAA before it is 5-6 cm in diameter and then do a minor less invasive operation to repair it. If it gets to 7,8 or 9 cm then they immediately plan for a major operation to repair it. Everyone was aghast to find Clive’s AAA was 10 cm, they were all amazed that he was still alive!!!! By 3.15pm he had been admitted to hospital and spent a very boring week sitting doing nothing until Thursday morning when they had gathered a top consultant and a good team together to do the operation. Well Thursday evening it was a big relief to visit Clive in ICU.



Friday found him leaving ICU in the afternoon and taken to High Dependancy but after an hour they were happy with him and he was taken down on the main ward.

He is now steadily progressing and is gently walking around unaided. Needless to say he can’t wait to get home but knows he must rest as much as possible and no heavy lifting for some time!

I must say a big ‘Thank You’ to our Friend Liz – our Reiki Master  (Clive has his 1st degree in Reiki and I have my 2nd). As soon as she found out about Clive being in hospital, she has been doing distant Reiki (from North Wales) on Clive whilst he has been in hospital. We have no doubt this has helped Clive’s recovery immensely. All the Consultants are amazed how well he is doing.

In the meantime Star has been a little angel considering the complete turmoil we have been in! He is enjoying a lot of extra cuddles when I can fit them in and will be really happy when Dad is home!

Just had message from hospital 10.40 am to say that Clive can come home today as he is doing so well. I must of course make sure he rests well. Workshop key is hidden lol!

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Just a short blog with important news

Now that I have had time to contact certain family, friends and customers (by phone or email) that needed to know first, I can now inform everone else. Unfortunately we have had to cancel our attendance at all Events in September and October as Clive is in hospital awaiting an unexpected operation. More news on this when available.

I am still here ‘maning the fort’ with Star’s assistance (well he is trying). The Folksy shop is still open and I am still selling reconditioned wheels and still reconditioning some too. So the business goes on.

Pre-orders of things such as shuttles, sock blockers, pairs of carders or niddy noddies for Yarndale, Bakewell and Kendal are being taken and will be brought to the shows by Willo Fibres who have kindly offered to help out and will have them behind their stall. So as long as we get orders at least two weeks before the relevant show this can be arranged. Email in the first instance with a phone number and I will get back to you.

However we cannot make spare bobbins etc at present as although I can make them I do not have time just now.

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Wonderful Guild visits and other news ………..

Well May began with the unexpected but welcome news that our Elder Daughter,  Siân had a few days spare and was coming down from Yorkshire on her own to visit us as her Husband was going to look after the family. She has already obtained a degree in Theology, Ministry and Mission and is starting her Ordination training in September and so life for the following two years will be some what hectic. It was lovely to spend some time with her. All too soon it was time for her to travel back home but I  managed to get  a couple of photos before she did!!

As you see Clive had given the razor blades a holiday for a few days lol!

Anyway once she had gone, we resumed  activities and before we knew it we were getting ready for our visit north to the Tynedale Guild Spinners Gathering.

We actually set of on the Thursday to visit a Customer/Friend Jackie near Chester who had plants for us and the family, we also exchanged some with her and we had various parts of spinning wheels to return to her! Star enjoyed the trip and when we got there he was allowed in with us to visit their menagerie! Well he had a whale of a time visiting them all. The Chihuahuas were in their crate but he crawled over to them so he was low enough to look at them eyeball to eyeball mainly all tails were wagging lol! Boss cat was kept outside  but the other four kept appearing from around the end of the settee and then letting Star chase them but then they sneaked out the door through a gap he couldn’t get through. It was funny watching them teasing  him, no one came to any harm and they all had fun. Then after we all had food, they brought their Keeshond (Dutch Barge Dog) in. Well he appeared two to three times as wide as Star and three times as high due to his beautiful coat. He spent all evening wanting to play tag but although Star was very good and didn’t bark,  Star appeared a little overwhelmed with his new friend and kept hiding under the chairs or behind someones legs with his nose poking out but gradually got a bit braver and enjoyed a run around. We had a lovely chat and all of us enjoyed the evening.

Eventually we headed off for our overnight accommodation and then in the morning we made our way north east to take some plants to Siân in Yorkshire and to see the rest of the family there, before going on to Denise and Tim (Willo Fibres) with whom we were staying with for the weekend. On arrival Star was re-introduced to Deefa (the sheepdog) who quickly told him ‘No nonsense now lad’ and Star decided best to obey Uncle Deefa!

The next morning saw us up early and on our way to Stocksfield for the gathering. We had a lovely spot on the stage again with a good display. Star joined us as we had his play pen with us again.

Tynedaleguild2017  Star guarding the stand

It was lovely to catch up with a number of friends who had stands there and introduce them to Star who was a little star during the day. Clive made sure he carried Star out regularly through out the day and took him for some walks. We had some good sales and the biggest compliment Star could have was as we were packing up when someone gasped and said “Has that puppy been on the stage all day and I didn’t even realise as I hadn’t seen him or heard him, he has been so quiet.” lol!!

We made our way home to Denise and Tim’s, where a fish and chip supper awaited us. Then Denise and I went upstairs to the second floor to the office to check something on the computer and after a bit Star decided to he would explore and find us. He was quite proud when he found us, had a stroke and a wander round the office then disappeared again. We thought he had gone downstairs, unfortunately he had discovered the Batt box bedroom door open and had gone to investigate. We heard a funny noise and when WE went to investigate, we discovered that he had decided to spread a batt of Alpaca fibre all over the bedroom floor! Luckily Denise could see the funny side of it, as she had forgotten to shut the door having moved all the fibre in there; although Star then got christened ‘Alpaca Fibre killing puppy’!


He didn’t actually chew anything and most of the fibre was saved when I picked it up off the floor!

The following morning we had a bit of a shock following a phone call telling us that our very good Dutch Friend Tinus, who was like a brother to us, had died of Cancer in Holland. I have known Henny (his wife) and Tinus for almost 56 years and Clive has know them for 45 years.  Denise and Tim gave us time to gather our thoughts and tell our family and then took us to the Beach for a walk which helped.

Star had never been to the beach before, so it was a good introduction.

The next day we traveled home after a lovely weekend, tired but happy. Back to the workshop for a short while, as we couldn’t manage to get to Holland for Tinus’s funeral but we did send Henny a succulent display as a living memorial to him, which she appreciated.

Then the following Friday we were off again,. This time up to West Bromwich to see Star’s Mum, Dad and Breeder Theresa. Where we had a short but lovely visit.

Then on to our Travelodge at Warrington, through nightmare traffic jams as it was Bank Holiday Friday, but luckily the next morning we only had to go 4 miles to the North Cheshire Guild. They gave us a lovely welcome, a tasty lunch and we had a splendid day with them. It was really enjoyable and again Star added more friends to his fan club lol! After packing up we made our way home, stopping for food on the way, traffic was very good, so we were home by just after 9 pm.

Sunday was a day of resting and then on again completing orders, working on Timbertops wheels and also getting ready for Woolfest …………..

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Spring into action…………..

Well from a bit of a slow start, the year is rushing onward. March saw us at the Brecon Guild, where we were made most welcome. We  know many of the Guild so it was lovely to go and visit so many of our customers and friends. Star was made most welcome and gained a new set of fans lol! I set up his small play pen at the back of the stand. I always put a good ground sheet in the bottom (just in case of accidents and then a blanket and his bed, toys and water bowl. He plays with his toys but will often just sit and watch the proceedings and he is learning all the time.

Once we were packed up and home then the next day it was quick stock take to see what was needed to top up stock boxes. Then busy making items and Clive getting on with Chair Wheels. Before we knew it we were getting ready for Wonderwool Wales.Star clipped and ready for his holiday at kennels

Star went off to be trimmed before his holiday at the kennels and came back looking even more cheeky than he was before! Then we dropped him off for his holiday and loaded the van up………………………………


and inside were all our tables/chairs, all the stock, the trolley, 13 reconditioned wheels and the Timbertops Demo wheels as well as all our food, clothes etc.  I don’t think we could have seriously got any more in lol! Then we were off to Wonderwool Wales.We made our way straight to our accommodation for the weekend, right on the edge of Builth Wells, so nice & close to the show ground. We were sharing a lovely chalet with our friends Denise  and Oli (her nephew)


It was very spacious, warm  and comfortable.

Next morning, saw us up and off to the showground where we quickly booked in and got unloaded with the help of Denise and Oli. Then we set up, This is a relatively new set up as only the second year we have had a 6 metre stand. All a little strange for Clive as he wasn’t with me last year  (he was having his hip operation) Anyway once set up it looked good.

We had a lovely show, meeting lots of old and new customers and friends. The evenings were fun and entertaining with Denise and Oli (mental note beware of playing Monopoly with Oli and Denise- not sure who is most conniving lol! But it was all good fun: Clive was a brilliant Banker and kept us all on our toes!) At the end of the show it was packing up time and then on our way home. Following morning collected Star from his first visit to the Kennels, which he had enjoyed. Then unload van,  did a stock take and off again making more stock and reconditioning more wheels and Clive making bobbins and then getting on with Chair Wheels again…………….

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…..And so a new year begins

Well it has been an eventful end of year and beginning of the next in many ways and not all good but these things happen. A very good Friend of ours who helped us, over  the last 30 years, through some of our toughest times was taken ill in December was taken into Hospital, returned home and we spent a little time with her  around Christmas but then she was taken back into hospital  where she subsequently died. We were all totally stunned as it was so sudden but she faced death with the same courage that she faced life and her attitude to it all was something we could all learn from. She was an amazing lady. RIP Sheila!

On a more cheerful note, Star enjoyed his first Christmas learning that crunchy wrapping paper sometimes held really exciting things …mainly Toys with Squeakers!!! We enjoyed our Christmas break just the three of us . Then we had something else to look forward to on New Year’s Eve. The three of us drove to Donington Services (just off the M1) where we met our friends Denise & Tim who brought Deefa (their dog) along too, We had a number of items (including a wheel) we wanted to exchange and also they all wanted to meet Star. We his first real socializing lesson went very well, he and Deefa got on together OK without Star getting his head bitten off lol!  Also he loved meeting Denise and Tim and was quite good at not jumping up and socializing with folk! Then some more friends of Denise and Tim and acquaintances of ours, Paul & Yvonne, also arrived with their dog Kiera and Star was introduced to all of them too. He took it all in his stride and we had a very nice hour or so at the services walking the dogs and chatting before all heading off home again.

After the New Year, the holiday ended and we started back to work and also Star’s training continued. First thing he had to do was learn to get up the stairs on his own …well he did only have short legs


Then he had to learn to come back down again …it all took time!

His walks started getting longer and he was getting use to many different sights and sounds. First time I took him along the canal tow path he was intrigued by the ducks on the canal and also seeing other dogs out for their walk passing by. The next time along the tow path was quite eventful; As Star was on an extended lead and running along quite merrily when he took it into his head to run diagonally across me and front two feet went up on the Weir wall (about 12 inches tall) then the back followed in quick succession and front feet leapt outwards (into thin air)!!! Luckily a hasty pull on the lead, grounded him on the concrete plinth the other side of the weir wall without him getting wet feet.  Then quickly lifted him back onto the Tow path. He was OK but just a bit shocked!! I then stood him (reluctantly) on his back legs and put his front feet on weir wall to show him where he nearly went in the water!! Don’t think we will be repeating that one !!! (Luckily had not been raining much so the water was only trickling over the weir on its way to the river below).

The next day saw us on the canal tow path again …no incidence by the weir wall but a bit further on he was checking our ‘Weemail’ when two other dogs went past he was so interested he turned to watch them…. then stepped backwards and his back legs slithered down the bank! lol! luckily as he was on his lead I held on tight while he scrabbled back up to safety. All part of the learning curve!! He is learning fast and despite everything a joy to take for a walk.

He hasn’t been down the workshop yet as it’s been a bit too cold and I have had other work (such as reconditioning wheels)  to do that can be done mainly  indoors., but he loves to run out and try to grab a bit of wood or a small piece of abrasive paper from Clive’s workshop!!

So work is progressing, heater is on in workshop, and if the sun is shining then work progresses faster but if cold  then it is done in short bursts , but at lest we are into February now  and hopefully it  will soon be warmer. Right……. off to test drive two wheels and then get some more marking up of timber for Lucets, buttons etc to be done and some more Tea-cosies for the wheels to be stitched up. All cold weather jobs but it is surprising how it helps as the weather gets warmer you can get on that much quicker.



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At last back with the blog ..continued

So, with me still struggling with my injuries, we set off for Bakewell. We stopped off on route to visit our new addition (more to follow on this) then onward to Bakewell Wool Gathering with its’ lovely welcome from Carole and our lovely self catering accommodation too. We set up as much as we could and then went back for a well earned rest at the accommodation, next morning had us up bright and early back to finish setting up the stand. bakewell2016

Unfortunately didn’t have room to put the bunting up at this show as we don’t have as many tables to display it on or anywhere else to put the banner. Any way we had a lovely show with good sales and were well looked after and the Friday and Saturday evenings were spent with our friends Freyalyn, Mark and Denise. So really good. We packed the stall up carefully on the Sunday evening as we were about to head north to visit family.

Monday morning saw us setting off on our long journey north to near Stirling to visit the Scottish part of our family. We spend a lovely few days with them before heading back South on the Friday morning. We traveled down to Levens to another self catering House this time known as a Hall! Quite a large house which we were going to be sharing with Denise, Tim and Deefa (the dog). There we unloaded all the food, bedding etc and anything we wouldn’t need at the show then into Kendal to set up for the Kendal Wool Gathering.

When we arrived, we had a lovely welcome from Cliff and Mandy and were shown where our stand was going to be and  Hans and Gerrie, our friends from Lowlands Legacy (Holland) were next to us.  We unpacked, set up and luckily had enough stock left for out second show in ten days.

We had a lovely show. and a good time in the evenings having long chats with Tim and Denise (covering so many topics it was unbelievable) and of course enjoying the odd glass of wine and a lot of cuddles with Deefa. So enjoyed it we didn’t even put the tv on once!!

Monday morning saw us packing everything in van and on our way again. This time however with a bit of a difference. We made our way down to near Birmingham where we were to collect our new addition to the family….. and here he is!!

here he is approx two weeks old the first two pictures are courtesy of Theresa the breeder He is a Shih Tzu  and we have named him Star and really is a little star! The second photo shows him with his mum and Dad and siblings


Denise recons this is Star at 3 weeks after he fainted when he found out he was coming to live with us. (cheeky!)

However when we collected him he was like this


So as successor to Billy I think he has big boots to fill but he is a real character and I am sure he is up to the challenge.  We met Star (first time when he was only 2 weeks old) on our way to Skipton for Yarndale and both fell in love with him instantly. It has been hard keeping it secret for the six weeks but we wanted to make sure everything went ok.

Anyway he is already finding his feet so further reports of antics will follow with the Woodland Turnery news. See you all again soon!……………………

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At last ……. back with a blog

Well this has been a hard year but at last I am back! We have progressed through the year a lot slower than expected! We managed to do Woolfest together, with Clive coping very well with getting al…

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At last ……. back with a blog

Well this has been a hard year but at last I am back!

We have progressed through the year a lot slower than expected! We managed to do Woolfest together, with Clive coping very well with getting all the equipment to the stand, I was still struggling a little with the remains of the concussion I suffered 31st March. Anyway had quite an enjoyable show and some good sales. Then we came back and after a few days managed to get to the wood yard to get more timber. On our return we carefully got the timber in the wood shed, Clive did well (although he was still waiting to be discharged by the Consultant) Unfortunately whilst trying to help Clive move the planks I succeeded in straining my groin and my stomach muscles!!  Regrettably it has taken many months to begin to feel better and during this time Clive has had to help me a lot to enable us to get through the various shows and survive the year.

So we went to Fibre East (not such a good show for us this year but made us rethink our set up as perhaps our stand was going a bit stale!) We went home and  had a major rethink of how the stand looked. We worked as hard as we were able to in the circumstances and managed to get the stock sorted for Yarndale and eagerly set off with our new display.We have changed our table coverings from Navy to a lovely deep Teal colour and having procured some suitable material our Daughter Sian helped by making some lovely bunting.

We had a lot of nice comments about it. (The Teal doesn’t show up well in a photo though but the bunting does@).

We spend a nice first day with Sian as she came to help too and demonstrate the wheels. Selling three during the day before she went home to the family and the second day we managed to sell another two so that was good apart from selling a lot of other items too.. That weekend we also collected a number of wheels for us to recondition for resale. So it was home again to prepare again for the next two shows with me still struggling with my injuries although it was very very slowly getting better.

After our return from Yarndale also had to fit in a visit  to North Wales as our friend Anne had acquired some wheels for us. First had to get one of the wheels we collected at Yarndale reconditioned as it had to be collcected on out journey north. Went to North Wales on our journey between us saw 5 Red Kites flying around. Met up with customer who collected her wheel. Collected 4 spinning wheels for us to recondition whilst visiting Anne and Tony and the dogs Isla and Willow and had a lovely chat over a cuppa and our lunch. Then on to our friend Kim with dogs Wallace & Gromit, Poppy and Tan, lovely cuppa, Bara Brith and a nice chat as well as being loved by all the dogs. Back to Llanelwedd to the Little Chef and a really nicely cooked meal, then home safely afterwards.

The next few weeks were spent gradually getting as many reconditioned wheels done as possible and some other stock including buttons that had been breeding again!!

Apart form doing all this clothes had to be sorted ready for our next two shows and the house had to be tidied and prepared as all being well we would be bringing back an addition to the family……………………………………..(to be continued 🙂 )

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