Starting over again

Well here we are again! We had a technical problem on our old blog site so we have moved to here. For those of you who use to enjoy the “Tales from the workshop” in  the magazine YarnMaker,  we have decided to continue on a blog.

Thought I would do a catch up part first!  Well I am writing this, it’s a good few months down the line and we have new workshops – His and Hers!   Advantage…… ‘He’ can’t ‘nick’ my chisels.

Let me set the scene, we are now a stone’s throw from the aqueduct where the Mon & Brecon Canal crosses the Afon LLwyd.

In a dip below the canal but above the river, surrounded by trees, we now work to the sound of ducks and herons as well as the occasional drone of the canal boat passing by. Clive has the bigger workshop as he has most of the machinery there.

Whilst Billy & I share the smaller one and we love it.  Billy (our Jack Russell x Japanese Chin) now has a cosy corner (on the chest freezer). He has to ask to be lifted up (his legs are too short to jump up) but he can easily get down if he wants.  


We also have a covered patio area where we can work outdoors when we want, too.

Once we organised ourselves, we started doing repairs and replacement bobbins this has helped us get into a new routine and also helped us get used to the new machinery and tools.

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