What a result!!

Well I had a fairly busy two days at the British Alpaca Futurity Show, Surprisingly Saturday was quieter than Friday. (But there again it was a Six Nations Rugby day lol!!). Loads of Alpacas all different shapes, colours and sizes, very interesting. Met folk from all over the UK as well as from Finland and Latvia. Introduced a lot of people to the world of spinning (both with a wheel and a drop spindle), weaving (with shuttles and ‘Ickle’ Inkle looms, Use of the lucet, French knitter, Peruvian Plying. Drank plenty of coffee and tea to lubricate my throat to help with all the talking. It is always hard doing the first show of the year but it was good to get set up quite quickly. Practice run for Wonderwool Wales at the end of April! 

It was also nice to talk to Jean Field (Fleecewitch) ,Eirwen & her helper Chris (Knitwitches Yarns), Walsall Spinners, Paul Brittain and partner at Classic Carders and also Paul Crookes from the Halifax Spinning Mill as although we see each other at shows we don’t always get time to network and chat. Also good to put faces to some of the names I tweet to on Twitter. 🙂  

Well apart from the normal madness of ‘breakdown’ at the NEC I managed to get away just a minute or two after 6 pm – not bad as I was doing the show on my own (Clive was busy in the workshop with Billy supervising lol!) Drove home and managed to get to the M50 before the nighttime roadworks closure, so saved a good 15 minutes extra which would have been added to journey. Got almost to Ross on Wye and couldn’t resist the temptation of putting the Radio on to see how Wales was getting on in their Six nations match against England ….who was going to be the Champions!! England only had to win , Wales had to win by at least 8 points!! Well I didn’t have long to wait to realize that Wales had won by a large margin but it took another frustrating 15 minutes of listening to find out the actual score 30-3 !!!! Got home to a smiling Clive and wagging tailed Billy. Had a hot cup of tea and  a lovely hot casserole which Clive had made sure was ready. Sat down exhausted but pleased.

Today’s jobs unload the van, do a stock take AND watch the match ( made sure it was recorded lol). Right off to get on.

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