Happy Easter Sunday everyone

Just popping in to wish everyone a Happy Easter Day.

At least the sun is shining and  it is not quite so cold now. It was really cold this morning,. first thing.

Spent yesterday working on and staining an Ashford Traditional and final checking a Haldane Lewis that has been in for repair. Also with Linz’s help sorted out the new postage rates on the folksy shop.. Some items are now actually appear cheaper to send to Europe than it is to UK ….. ludicrous. However, folk can always phone us,  order direct and pay by card over the phone and combine wight and therefore postage so that may help to keep costs down, if you want more than one item.

Also you can order in advance and collect at Wonderwool which is only 1 month away. (panicccccc!!!!!! lol!)  Don’t forget for those going to Wonderwool  if you want spare bobbins send us one to arrive by the 6th April or between the 15th and 19th April and we will get spares done and bring them for you to collect at show. (we shall be away from the office April 8th to 12th on Family business) Right off to get on again Parts of a repaired loom to get stained.

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