Here we are in May already!!

Well we dropped Billy off at the kennels (for his holiday) and  went off to Wonderwool and had a very busy and enjoyable weekend. Unfortunately forgot to take my camera and forgot to fully charge phone up so couldn’t risk taking photos as needed the phone to take card payments. We were very busy on Saturday and various friends passed by 3 or 4 times before they got a chance to have a quick chat.

It was nice to meet up with folk who were missing my writings in the YarnMaker magazine  but they have been guided to here so hopefully will be reading my writings here from now on. I love writing and many people enjoy reading it, so now I have finished all my course work and assignments, I hope to be a little more regular in my writing. Anyway back to Wonderwool. We weren’t besieged by customers until about 10.30 Saturday, this year,, but when they came it all seemed to go into a blur. Before we knew it the time was 2.00 pm  and it dawned on me that some lunch would be good lol! We had some rolls made but hadn’t had a chance to eat them 🙂 Anyway after gradually munching our way through food in between serving customers we felt revived. Clive had a number of wheels being brought to the wheel surgery, including one that was brought in by a customer’s friend from Guernsey, so that is now at home (hopefully will be dealt with shortly). Also some bobbins came home with us to be replicated.

Saturday evening was enjoyable as we went down and tried out the hot food prepared by some of the caterers and then back up to the campsite where we spent a very enjoyable evening, in our new large tent, with  Freyalyn and Mark together with Denise (Willo Fibres). Shame Tim couldn’t be with us but we all had a good evening and Tim was kept informed of goings on by Mobile phone lol!

Both Friday and Saturday nights were very cold but at least only a little rain. Sunday dawned and after a quick breakfast (together with preparing a lunch time snack) we managed to get the tent down and packed away before the show started. Again some more wheels came to the surgery and Clive successfully overhauled and solved minor problems. Over the weekend we sold 5 of the 8 reconditioned wheels that we had taken to the show. Leaving us a couple to start off our run up to visiting the Montgomery Guild, the Gower Wool Week and Woolfest! We also ran out of large and medium niddy noddys, together with sock blockers, the yew buttons were flying off the stand as were my top whorl drop spindles! The weaving shuttles went well too with a lot of previous customers returning to expand their range of our shuttles, which is always nice. As for Diz’s I forgot that I had sold out at the Alpaca show in March and so didn’t have any on the stand at all!!! Also noticed that I was almost out of Shell beads so have just managed to get some more and spent last evening watching TV and bagging beads lol!

As the show came to an end we were very pleased to get an order for a Timbertops Chair Wheel so that was the ‘icing on the cake!’

We packed up quite quickly and managed to get the van down to the nearest doorway quite easily. It is always a bit complicated, as we have to unload the camping stuff and wheels for repair to fit  all the stock boxes, tables etc in the van and then put everything else back in again but by 6.30 pm we were ready to go! We stopped at the Little Chef, in Builth, and had a well earned meal before driving the relatively short (50) miles home.  Monday morning, it was off to the kennels to collect Billy who had had such fun, what with walks and running around with the other dogs in the paddock, that he was absolutely shattered and slept most of Monday and Tuesday! Then it was back to work, with Clive getting straight on with the Timbertops Thurmaston that are almost finished and me sorting the boxes, doing a stock take and finding all the bobbins and repairs that need to be done. Anyway we have both been busy this week and things are progressing. More sock blockers, buttons, dizs are cut awaiting the next process. A customer has brought her wheel in on Saturday and it is almost overhauled etc ready for her to collect on her homeward journey on Monday afternoon. Tuesday another wheel is coming in for repair and overhaul, so it certainly is action stations. Next Saturday we are looking forward to visiting the Montgomery Guild, so new stock has to be finished by then. So I better get on and get in the workshop!!

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