The lovely Monty Guild

Well yesterday we went off the Montgomery Guild of WSD. We got up early and set off at dead on 8am. Billy got really excited  he hasn’t been on a day trip for a while now. For the first mile or so  he  stood on his back legs & had his front feet on the dash board (Jack Russell’s do have short legs lol!) watching where we were going. Gradually he decided it was going to be a longer trip so settled down on the front seat between Clive and I. and occasionally changed position to go on the floor by Clive’s feet. After a couple of hours (including the obligatory  short ‘loo ‘ break for all three of us) we arrived at Forden Village Hall at 10 am..

Katie showed us where we were to have our tables and helped with unloading. We quickly got everything in the hall including 4 Timbertops wheels, 2 Reconditioned wheels plus a repaired wheel being picked up that day and all the stock (Spinning & Weaving  together with Gift-ware). Whilst i set up the sales tables, Clive got organised with the wheels, oiling and setting cords straight etc after the journey. We set up a table for the Wheel Surgery and before Clive knew it he had a long queue of wheels waiting to be attended to, lol! At 11 am a Customer arrived who was dropping off her Haldane Shetland for repair and then it was on with chatting to members and explaining what certain items were on the sales table. Followed by a lovely chat with Penny about the Timbertops Lonsdale and with Dawn about the woods and machinery we use.

Before we knew it Lunchtime had arrived and what a lovely buffet spread the Guild had put on. After lunch I gave a light-hearted talk which made folk laugh and everyone seemed to enjoy. Questions were asked and answered and then it was back to sorting out a couple more wheels and a few more sales and a bit more chatting (which was very enjoyable). The Customer also arrived to collect her repaired wheel, which she was pleased with; so another job done and another happy customer.

During the day some members had great fun playing on the Timbertops wheels, including one recently converted to  a right hand flyer (set up for left handed spinners): The customer had given us permission to display the wheel, so a couple of members who knew the customer gave the wheel a ‘test drive’ (just to make sure it was working ok! Lol!). Another member fell in love with one of our reconditioned wheels  and ended up part exchanging her wheel for the reconditioned one and went home beaming from ear to ear.

Billy had great fun as (with permission from members) he was allowed in the hall for part of the day and he made lots of new friends . Oh he thought it was so exciting!!

All too soon it was time to pack everything away, we had made some new friends and expanded our friendship with others. Billy got his final pats and strokes!

We set off home and had a lovely drive. Needless to say Billy had enjoyed his day so much he was exhausted and slept all the way home.

We had food, collapsed into our armchairs and recapped on our lovely day. After a good nights sleep and a lay in we now have to unload the van but it was well worth the effort.:-)

Thank you Monty Guild 🙂

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