Woolfest is approaching fast…too fast Lol!

Not that I am panicking but there still seems a way to go before we are ready.

We successfully managed to complete our first Timbertops Wheel (made for a left handed spinner) since the fire.


It has been a long time coming what with sorting out all the ‘new’ equipment and making the relevant jigs (Quite a difficult thing to do initially to fit the ‘new’ equipment.). Getting in all the timber, metalwork (which took an absolute age,) and also sourcing the right types of leather again. But we have done it ( a real turning point in our quest.)

Clive is now trying to finish a batch of 3 Thurmaston 24’s  (all for right handed spinners and ordered…now!)
One in Cherry with the little stubbies (as in picture) and 2 Oak ones without.

I am trying to get a batch of wheels repaired/restored (some done now awaiting collection) but others still being finished). Also wheels being restored ready to be on sale at Woolfest again some done others still an ‘in-progress’ job.

Had to be out at Farmer’s market yesterday  (where a couple of giftware items were collected as well as some interesting sales) but now back in for a bit so can get on again

…..And this afternoons job is a stock take to see what else I really do need to get done. Well it’s not too energetic a job for a Sunday Lol! The thing is making enough stock to get us through. We have Woolfest 28th/29th June; Alloa Fibre fun day 6th July; Fibre-East 27th/28th July and the Guild WSD Summer School Marketplace 9th/10th August. (4 events in 6 weeks lol with not a lot of making time in between.)

In my workshop another batch of Sock blockers almost finished  Shuttles, Diz and buttons part made and some of the woods are lovely colours!  I do love British woods, Yew & Laburnum are great but especially the more unusual such as , Lilac and Blackthorn if I can get them.  Still have a lot of turning to do too but hey! it’s all good fun 🙂

Right I better get off the computer and get on with the work. 🙂

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