Halfway through July already!!

Well we had a lovely trip to Woolfest. as usual travelled up on the Wednesday afternoon having successfully got 17 wheels, all the stock,  the camping stuff and various items to take to our Daughter’s house in Scotland afterwards, all into the van successfully!!!! Of the 17 wheels ( 3 Timbertops were for demonstration on the stand, 6 recons were for sale, 3 reconditioned wheels and 3 Timbertops were sold and for collection/delivery, 2 were repaired and going home to owners)

We stayed overnight with Sheila Robinson at Skygarth, Temple Sowerby (www.skygarth.co.uk) Image

and enjoyed a sumptuous and leisurely breakfast watching the array of birds at the bird feeders (including Greater spotted Woodpeckers, Goldfinches, Sparrows (such a rarity now), Chaffinches, BlueTits, Great Tits, Coal Tits and many more species. Disappointingly didn’t see the Red Squirrels this time but they were probably up earlier than we were Lol!

Then it was off to Cockermouth to set up our tent on the edge of the carpark at the Auction Mart…bit of a tight squeeze, as there is not much space to camp but we managed and it was fun.:-)

Then our friends Freyalyn, Mark and Denise all arrived and we waited for set up time.

When the time arrived, we set up all the tables and stock and then went back later and set up all the wheels that we have for sale and display. It looked impressive with our new banner but I forgot to take a photo!!! Doh!!! silly me!

The show opened on the Firday morning and as usual seemed a little slow to start with but as we are in the middle of the Mart it takes a while for folk to get to us…..but once they arrived, we were very busy. Luncheon sandwiches were started at 12.30 and eventually consumed by 3.15pm. Not that we had a lot of food, just not a lot of time to eat lol! Much the same thing happened on the second day too 🙂 Anyway we had a lovely time, with lots of sales and Clive managed to fix a number of wheels at the Wheel surgeries on the two days too.

We had an enjoyable evening on the Friday with our friends and caught up on a lot of chat. and news. It was also nice see Tim’s mischievous face appear round the corner of the stand when he arrived  on Saturday to help Denise 🙂

After we packed away on Saturday and managed  to get  everything in the van, only 11 wheels this time Lol! (3 Demonstration Timbertops, 2 Sold Timbertops going on to Scotland. 2 unsold reconditioned wheels , one sold reconditioned wheel that had to go by carrier on our return home plus 3 wheels I had bought in!)

We set of for Tullibody in Scotland to stay with our Daughter and family for a few days. It was great fun seeing Linz and Tam and  all our Scottish Grandchildren. We also fitted in a couple of days business too and finished off with an enjoyable day at Resonate Arts house in Alloa where again the wheel surgery appeared popular and in just a short time Clive had ‘fixed’ 3 wheels. During the week we had also managed to sell one of the  reconditioned wheels seen (but not purchased) on the Saturday at Woolfest and we arranged to drop it off to the happy new owner at Lancaster on our way back down the M6. Would have loved to visit our other Daughter and family in Durham but just not enough time unfortunately, but at least we did see them briefly in April.

We drove home on Sunday 7th stopping off at a Lancaster carpark to drop the wheel off as promised and also collect another for repair. Our journey was quite exhausting in the heat as we also had to collect some other items, on the way back down, for ourselves but we managed; and eventually got home tired but happy at 8 pm on the Sunday.

Since we got home, we have unpacked and sorted all the camping stuff ready for Fibre East, Sorted the stock and are now making replacement bobbins/whorls ordered whilst we were away and also replenishing stock as well as completing trade orders. The next batch of Timbertops are already being planned; with plans being drawn up for the next set of jigs that have to be made.

Less than two weeks to go for Fibre East. Luckily a little cloudier today so hope to get more done, workshop was like a sauna yesterday! Not complaining as it is so nice to see sunshine but have to vary the jobs to alternate between a hot workshop and somewhere cool to get the next job done.

Right off to get on again 🙂

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