Here we are at last!!

Well it has been a good long while since I posted my last blog. However there has been a lot happening, which is why I haven’t had time to post.

We took part in Fibre East ( which was strange as it was at a new venue,  but still enjoyable,  with some good sales and orders. As with any new venue,a few tweaks needed and already planned for next year to iron out the few teething troubles that arose. But overall a good time had by all.

We arrived home and set to straight away getting ready for the WSD Guild Summer School in Carmarthen only 10 days after Fibre East.  Regrettably here signage was a bit of a problem with some people finding it difficult to find the venue and those that did finding it difficult to find all the traders at the marketplace as we were spread over two buildings and initially not enough signage between the two. Any way in the end result wasn’t too bad.

The last few shows Clive has been struggling as his hip joint has been playing up and he was getting more and more tired. The hospital had him on the waiting list and eventually we heard he was to have a complete hip replacement operation on 20th August alas a couple of days before hand it was cancelled due to there being an emergency case taking precedence. Any way a new date was set for 30th August. Luckily when the said date arrived Clive went in to hospital and the operation took place at 4.30 in the afternoon. To my amazement, I had to collect him,  he was home again three days later on 2 crutches. Well time has progressed and he has been working very hard at his exercises and in 2½ weeks he was progressed to just one crutch and after a few more weeks on to 1 stick.

It has been quite hectic for me looking after Clive and keeping the business running but we are getting there gradually.

Whilst he has been recovering we have successfully restored/repaired 3 wheels and repaired two others that were brought to us to look at.  He is not yet back to full time working but he is already making spare bobbins and replacement flyers. We are not yet back onto making Timbertops as he is unable to pick up the planks of wood to start cutting the parts and they are too heavy for me to lift on my own. Hopefully it will not be very long and between us we will be able to lift the planks from the wood shed to start getting them cut. I can’t wait.

During the last fortnight whilst Clive has been re-recuperating, we managed to attend the  50th wedding anniversary of some wonderful Friends in Holland.  Took it steady and went via the Channel Tunnel, so we didn’t have to worry too much as Clive only had to sit in the van. We thoroughly enjoyed the break which did us both good and it was lovely seeing them and their family again.  The trip did have an extra bit of fun, when I got stopped by the Dutch police, but luckily I had not done anything wrong and they were only checking that I wasn’t driving a stolen (!!!!!) van lol! Evidently they do checks on British Vans travelling that route as it is the main route through Holland, and Germany to Poland  where a lot of stolen British vehicles are taken.

Now it is back to work and whilst Clive is gradually spending longer each day in the workshop (although still taking it steady – Consultant’s  & Physiotherapist’s instructions). I am also catching up on stock of both our gift ware and spinning & weaving accessories. Firstly I have to restock at Erwood Station so have been busy with the items for there and then must get on with other orders as well as the multitude of wheels i have to recondition as I have folk wanting to buy them!

Any way I really must try and post again shortly to keep up to date with both Clive’s progress and the Timbertops wheels.

So hopefully another progress report again soon

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