2014 is already moving along

Well we had a lovely Christmas just the two of us (plus Billy of course) at home and then on the 27th December we set off on our daunting marathon north. Dropped Billy at the kennels, ( he was so excited no backward glances luckily ūüôā ).. Wind was buffeting us in every direction imaginable. managed to stay on the motorway and that was surprising considering the wind was changing direction so much. At one stage it changed direction by 180 degrees!!! I knew that as luckily I was watching a flag on a flagpole ¬†ahead so was ready when it changed direction to counteract the change. Anyway up to the Tickled Trout Services at Preston, Junction 31 M6, to meet up with our friends Freyalyn and Mark to pick up some things I had purchased. Lovely chat and a nice cup of coffee then onward to Scotland. Near Shap the motorway got very ‘interesting’ ¬†with so much¬†crosswinds ¬†that where the north and south bound carriageways are separated by moorland a south bound lorry had ¬†jack-knifed because of the wind!

The journey didn’t get any easier, it started raining hard,as we moved into Scotland but at least it didn’t get much worse lol! ¬†Eventually we arrived at our Daughter and Son-in-Laws house near Stirling and were relieved to arrive safe and sound and looking forward to that nice cup of tea!!!!

Spent a wonderful time with the family meeting all the Scottish grandchildren and our new Great Grandson Jack. 

On the 2nd Jan we all went to Luss on the banks of Loch Lomand (My Mum and Dad’s favourite place and their final resting place).It was wet to start with but then the sun came out.¬†ImageImage

The water in the Loch was very high, about 2-3 ft higher than we have seen it on some occasions. No walking along the foreshore today!

After a picnic in our vehicles, we ventured forth on a nice walk around Luss. Then back home and a small party before we set off the next day southwards. ¬†Again the wind was quite strong (think someone had told it we were travelling again!!) ¬†An enjoyable trip this time ¬†passing Edinburgh and also Berwick on Tweed , seeing Lindisfarne in the distance with ‘white horses’ on the sea, before visiting our other Daughter and family at Durham. After a lovely afternoon we went onto Marton in Cleveland to visit and stay over night with our friends Denise and Tim.. Hectic day but well worth it Fish and Chip supper, a nice chat and good laugh during the evening and a nice warm cosy bed. ūüôā

Set off again the next day travelling further south on the A1 and then visited our friend Jan, had a lovely meal with her, then did a bit of brainstorming with her about new stock items to be made. Really great time before making the final part of the trip home. 1,100 miles all told but well worth it and most enjoyable. Billy was pleased to see us on our return but had had such a good time at the kennels that he was exhausted from all the running around and walks with the other dogs that he slept most of the next two days lol!

First job on our return was to put the back garden fence back up from where the wind had blown it down!! Plans already afoot for the new stock to be made, Clive is already moving on with the Wheels and other jobs. Already have had confirmation that we have a stand at Wonderwool …………. so planning the new year begins!¬†

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One Response to 2014 is already moving along

  1. Lisa-Marie says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful visit!! Glad you weren’t blown off the roads! ;.))

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