Start of Wonderwool Wales is less than two weeks away!!

This last couple of weeks Clive has started to feel a bit better as, with his exercises, his back is aching less. We have had a lot more sunshine too which always makes you feel better. Also the workshop is gradually drying out after the flood caused by the paddling pool on the roof leaking through  (8 weeks of wind and rain in Jan/Feb).

Apart from repairing wheels and making spare bobbins etc.with plenty of sit downs for Clive to rest!  We are gradually filling the stock boxes. Various kits  (namely top & bottom whorl drop spindles, french knitting, lucet and weaving stick kits) have all been packaged. Feels like (although it not really) hundreds of pairs of sock blockers, Well its a lot of eyes when all the sheep on them are looking at you lol! Then we have been making our standard lazy kates, Next we decided to follow through an idea for a tensioned lazy kate and after a brain-storming session with a friend and a check on the internet to make sure no one else doing it.  We made and will be launching ‘Katie’ our sheep shaped lazy kate at Wonderwool. 


She is tensioned and holds three bobbins each up to 5¼” long. She has already had a trial run (all ok) so we are very pleased..


In the photo the top bobbin is a Lendrum and the other visible one  is an Ashford. Just have to see how many we can get made up before the show now. A few pre-show orders already coming in!

Also have to finish off the  reconditioned wheels we shall be taking to show that will be for sale. Looking like a nice selection this year.



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