At last our blog is back!

Well I  didn’t realise it was so long since I wrote a blog but been a very busy and hectic year with a number of problems gradually overcome!

We successfully attended Wonderwool Wales and on our return then had to strip the workshop roof which was leaking like a sieve after the storms of January and February. Our Son-in-law, Tam,  very kindly travelled all the way from Scotland to help us re-roof the workshop, with his help we completed it in record time and not only got the old roof off, new roof on but also insulated the roof and a few other jobs too in 4½ days. Clive then spent another couple of days tidying things up and then we were on with the work again. Clive has been progressing slowly with cutting, preparing and gradually making the next order of timbertops which is the Beaver, He is making 4 (2 x Oak and 2 x Cherry) here you see the wheels.



We have successfully attended, with our stand,  Woolfest and Fibre East and enjoyed both of these shows, immensely. Also been fortunate to be asked to attend the Broughton Gathering in Scotland, where we had a lovely day followed by a family break with our Daughters, Son-in Laws and 6 of our Grandsons in both Scotland and North Yorkshire before returning home.

During this period also the office computer decided to become very sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  After much deliberation it was decided the problem was probably terminal and a new computer was acquired. This has led to a prolonged period of having to re-load all the relevant material from various memory sticks and back ups, whilst trying to bin the rubbish and obsolete files on the way, all the time with both of us working in the workshops during the day too, to rebuild the stock sold at shows, mail order and from our folksy shop.   It has taken an abolute age to tyr to catch up and still not quite there, as of course in the meantime an enormous back log of emails has been acquired. This is still a work in progress!!

We attended Yarndale for the first time this year and had a lovely response there. (Assisted by our older Daughter who surprised us by managing to attend the event too 🙂 )  Met a lot of old Customers who had traveled from all over the country and made a lot of new customers too. We had a good display of Timbertops and reconditioned wheels at this show as you see in this photo.



We were also pleased to launch Bertha the big sister to Katie our tensioned sheep shape lazy Kate. (contact us if you wish to know size of bobbins for this larger Kate.)

Just preparing for the Bakewell Wool Gathering next weekend and just about restocked with everything in time.

On our return it will be a mammoth push to get on with the Timbertops Spinning wheel orders to see what we can get completed before Christmas


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