February already, where did January go!!!!!!!!!!!

Well after an extremely busy time between our last show mid October and Christmas,  We fell into the Christmas period quite exhausted but luckily we were home and could rest. Between Christmas and New Year started to get a trade order for Drop spindles and medium Niddy Noddies done also finished a secret project but also had a shock as the starter motor died on the van. Major problem as the Van was on our narrow driveway with a slope up to the road and no way to get van off drive and no room on driveway for repair to be done!!!. Garage we always use was unable to assist until January as they were in process of moving! So last resort had to hire a small van to get up to Yorkshire on 5th January where we were needed for Grandparenting duties.

Billy went on holiday to the kennels (he loves it there -lots of country walks) and we set off on the 5th and called into Janet at The Threshing Barn in her amazing new place, spent a lovely afternoon with her and then drove along the dale to where our family live near Leyburn. Wonderful to see the family and the boys ranging from 6 to 16 are taller than ever (or we are shrinking?) On the Tuesday celebrated Epiphany at Ripon Cathedral with some of the family. Last time we were in the Cathedral was for Chris’s Ordination (now 7 months ago). It was lovely. Unfortunately  Chris had a nasty fluey cold bug and Sian was going down with it too but on the Wednesday they set off Durham  for Chris’s graduation ceremonies and were back on Thursday but in the mean time we had a lovely time with the Boys. and the faithful Cuthbert.


On the Friday we set off to stay with our friends Denise & Tim (about an hours drive from our family) for the weekend. On arrival we were met not only by Denise but a very excitable duo Deefa & Holly. A little later I was pleased to produce a plaque that Denise and Tim had commissioned approx. two years before of the delightful duo but I had not been able to relax enough to  complete until just after Christmas.


Saturday morning, despite me starting to come out with Chris’s bug Denise and I set off for her workshop where we spent a very enjoyable time Glass fusing. It was great fun and Denise was an excellent teacher and we made a batch of coaster, I was very pleased with my efforts glasscoastersA.

Whilst we were playing in the workshop, Tim and Clive were having great fun playing at destructing part of the kitchen 🙂

After a lovely weekend only marred by Clive joining me and also going down with the dreaded bug, we set off home. Quite a good journey back although I had to stop off to have a nap on way back down (I was the only driver insured for the hire van – to keep costs down) Then resumed journey and safely got home (260+miles). Where after unloading we had a cuppa & a quick snack and then fell into bed both feeling absolutely awful with the horrible bug!

Next day collected Billy from Kennels, did quick shop, got hire van back and then slept even more. Later that week managed to get our van towed to garage and sorted. Also struggled but finished and packed  the trade order started at the end of December and then the month just seemed to disappear into oblivion with neither of us able to do much as we felt so weak from this fluey bug with cough.

Anyway today is first day of February we are both starting to feel a lot better, Production of Timbertops, Orders and replacing stock ready for the shows is calling. So we must make a new start to the year ….wish us luck!

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2 Responses to February already, where did January go!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. norfolklass says:

    Hi Joan & Clive
    So glad you had a good Christmas despite the nasty bugs going around. I have just been in bed myself for almost 10 days with the proper flu, not the man type at all.

    So please you are getting on with the back orders, does that mean we all may be lucky this year???

    Have a good one

    Annie xx

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