Combining work and play

Been an eventful week. We had heard already that we have stalls at both Fibre East and Wonderwool Wales but have had to wait patiently to see whether we have been fortunate to get into Woolfest and Bakewell Wool Gathering as both are over subscribed and not everyone is lucky. On Tuesday I saw on Facebook that emails were going out about Bakewell Stalls telling you either yes you had been lucky or no you had no stall. However by Thursday afternoon we had heard nothing (two of our friends had heard on the Tuesday). I checked the spam folders on my computer as well as on the web, even typed Bakewell into the search box for emails in case I had missed it! Didn’t want to hassle the Organizer but one of our friends suggested I send a quiet email and tentatively ask whether an email had been sent., this I did!  Nervously waited and after a couple of hours an email arrived back saying yes email had been sent on Tuesday which obviously hadn’t arrived. She sent a copy with her reply and a big ‘Phew’ was exclaimed as we had been allocated a stall at Bakewell. Wow! That was nerve wracking!

Then Friday 13th Feb,  the emails were going out for stall allocations at Woolfest to see whether we had been allocated a stall there! Luckily I was  a bit late going to computer on Friday morning and by the time I did the emails had arrived and Yes another big sigh of relief as we had been fortunate again to be allocated a stall there too. Now we have to wait until April to hear about Yarndale. We can only keep our fingers crossed.

On Thursday we had to  go out on both personal  and business matters. Our journey took us northwest of Builth Wells and then south to Cardiff. Once meeting sorted  north of Builth, then  we traveled south toward Upper Chapel across the mountain road (MOD firing ranges on either side of the road….. red flags flying…. Errrrr!!!!!) Saw lots of snow and some was still on the road but luckily no exercises going on nearby so ‘quiet’ journey.  Headed through Upper Chapel and on down to Brecon.  Then we headed on south on the A470, quite cloudy but the sun was trying to peak out from the clouds and just south of Storey Arms we stopped in  a nice set back lay-by to have a sandwich and a coffee then I took Billy for a short walk to a place we haven’t visited for years.  It is the footpath from the carpark to ascend Pen-y-Fan and it crosses a lovely little stream. Originally you had to cross via stones and try to keep dry feet! Which was difficult after heavy rain, however, now you can cheat as they have built a little bridge. If you follow the footpath (seen to the right of picture) upwards you come to the memorial pillar to little Tommy Jones who died there in 1900


Anyway it was  nice to see the little double waterfall


and there was a reasonable amount of water going over (nice burbling noise)  beaconsF1

and that brought back many happy memories of time spent there with my Mum and Dad (especially this week as it brings the double anniversary of Mum’s birthday 13th Feb and Dad’s passing on the 15th Feb) and also time spent here with our Daughters and our friends from Holland.

Then back into the van and on down to Cardiff and by then the sun was shining nicely and it became quite warm. Successfully conducted our business and then homeward bound for a nice cup of tea. An enjoyable day out combining work and play.

Now back to the grindstone  :-)!

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One Response to Combining work and play

  1. Eirian says:

    Good to see you`re getting out and about

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