A week of mixed emotions………….

Well we had received the email saying our application had been successful for Woolfest and had breathed the sigh of relief. But then on the day the actual invoices arrived heard that one of our friends who had been told she was successful, had found out when she got her invoice that she only been allocated half  the stall size she normally applies for, so where would she put the rest of her stock??? So she hadn’t really been successful after all!!  We waited nervously for the postman to arrive, when he did we luckily had been successful for our full stall size. Waiting to hear about stalls at over-subscribed shows can be very stressful for everyone involved but when you hear you have been successful it normally means successful for what you have requested on your application form!!

So now on with the orders and also getting ready for our forthcoming visit to Edinburgh Guild which we are looking forward to together with a quick visit to the Scottish Clan. Then on with the orders and preparations for Wonderwool.

Renovating some interesting wheels at the moment – no photos yet- and also some little table looms …..busy busy. In the mean time Clive has managed to bump his head on a dusty shelf this week and got an infection into it the graze, so nurse Joan has had to bring out the first aid skills!!! I knew there was a reason I went on that first aid course lol!

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