April and almost Wonderwool Wales time!!!

Wonderwool Wales is almost upon us.

Pleased to say Clive is starting to combat his back problems after  a few visits to the Reflexologist. helped by the weather starting to warm.  With all parts made the Oak Timbertops Beavers are at last starting to take shape although Clive still had to sort out some adjustments on the metal double axle cranks that were made especially for us!!! (Cherry Beavers will be close on their heels ) Then we can move onto another of the styles ordered.


Whilst Clive has been busy doing the Beavers  I am working on the other items.
The stock for Wonderwool Wales is starting to come together now. Still working on some things but we can update what we are bringing or hope to bring apart from the usual things as per our website and of course our Timbertops wheels. We have also now made some pickup sticks and cross sticks -various sizes for the weavers as well as rug prodders. We have anew selection of beads and stitch/crochetmarkers.
As to preloved/reconditoned items (unless sold or ordered before hand) various sets of hand carders, niddy noddy, a warping frame, a few mini looms, a spinning chair and a drum carder.

At the moment we are planning on  bringing 10 (possibly 11) various reconditioned wheels,  quite a few different types :-).  Some are listed on our website 

We will be running a wheel surgery all weekend and if you want to order duplicate bobbins don’t forget to bring one for us to take back to the workshop (at least you save postage one way!) The same goes for flyers needing the wood repaired/replaced lot cheaper if we get given the original metalwork!

If you want to ask questions before the show email us at office@woodland-turnery.co.uk and I will try to answer them. (a phone number is also helpful)
Looking forward to seeing everyone stand P5 do come and say hello!

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