WonderwoolWales 2015

As the weekend approached we were gradually getting everything together.Billyabouttogotokennels1a

We took Billy off to the kennels, he is much happier there and gets lots of walks and is not left on his own at all, while we are busy at the show.

Then we packed the van!!!!


One front seat was also full but enough room for Clive and I to sit comfortably too 🙂 After the one rear door was shut I also had enough room for the coats to go in lol!

Then we drove off to the Llanelwedd Show Ground, to unload and set up. Must say stand looked quite impressive when we had finished, With the double wheeled TT Beaver on display in the foreground. (First one made since we lost all our stock in March 2012. Yay!) Well done Clive!

standC1WWW2015standA1WWW2015 standB1WWW2015  stitchmarkersWWW

Then we went up to the campsite and set up the tent etc before going off to with our friend Denise (Willo Fibres) to spend the evening with our friends Freyalyn & Mark (Freyalyn’s Fibres) in the cottage they rented. Here’s a photo Freyalyn took with us all nicely relaxed.


After a lovely evening chatting we returned to the campsite and after a good sleep were ready for the show to begin.

We had a lovely day on Saturday although it didn’t help that I had left all the price labels at home, however luckily I had the stock list with us so could find all the prices and  everyone was very patient. Dashed home Saturday evening (100 miles round trip) and collected price labels ready for Sunday phew!!

Sunday was exciting for me and our little band of furry friends who man the stall with us as Oli Otter (made by the wonderful Karen of Celestine and the Hare   see also her facebook page for  wonderful videos) was coming to stay permanently with us. Here you see Oli ready to come!

Otterisreadytocome  Waitingforotter

They waited patiently with a good supply of Choklit. Eventually Karen and Oli Otter arrived and they all held a party.


Here you see Happy Ness (one of our family from Scotland), Wee Billy who represents Billy (whilst he is at the kennels), Spotty Dog from the Woodentops (we were always known as the Woodentops when Clive and I, Sian & Linz and our Dog went to shows many many years ago, ) and ~Dai the Dragon all welcoming Oli Otter.

It was lovely to see Karen again if only for a short while. Then she was off round the show again to visit the Cambrian Wool stand as she is taking part in their challenge and she is in their book karenCambrianWoolChallenge  and her entry which is wonderful will be on display at the Hay on Wye festival.

We had a brilliant show and met loads of our lovely customers as well as meeting new customers too.

In the evening we managed to get packed up ok although I pulled my shoulder muscle in the process but never mind it is gradually healing now.

Just finished the stock take so can now re-open our folksy shop  Then on with getting Timbertops wheels made and stock and wheels ready for Woolfest in June. Life is certainly busy.

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