Well August led into September and apart from being busy helping Clive with making and finishing off one of our ordered Timbertops Beaver, it also meant getting ready for Yarndale. I had been busy getting in wheels to recondition & had also sold  a few after Fibre East so it was important to get as many wheels reconditioned as possible. Eventually I managed to get 9 done for the stand plus 1 ordered to be delivered on the way to Yarndale and Clive had one wheel that he had repaired to be dropped off at Bradford on our way and one repaired wheel to be delivered at Yarndale. Pleased to say that the Beaver was finished just before Yarndale too


We took Billy to the kennels for his mini holiday  (which he loves) then finished packing the van. Next morning  with 4 Timbertops wheels, 2 repaired wheels, 9 wheels for sale and 1 ordered wheel (16 wheels in total) our adventure began. We set off for Telford first to pick up two wheels (16+2=18)  and visit two good friends who had collected the wheels locally for us, Had a quick lunch break with them before then moving on to near Whitchurch to drop off a wheel (18-1=17), made a change to travel on different roads northwards instead of the motorway! Then back over to the Motorway and up to Burnley to collect another wheel (17+1=18) Then on to Bradford where a customer collected a repaired wheel from us (18-1=17). Then a pleasant and comfortable overnight stay in a lovely room at the Bradford Travelodge. Next morning after a spot of shopping in Keighley we went on to  Skipton and parked up  at the Auction Mart and had a sandwich and then a cup of tea with our friends Tim and Denise whilst awaiting 2pm (unloading time).

Had a bit of a shock as we passed our stand on the way to the cafe when we realised the double stand we had been allocated had a metal rail at 90 degree angle blocking part of our stand into two parts. luckily after seeing Paul, one of the organizers, we  managed to get the fence part removed and only had to work our way around a post stuck literally  in the middle of the stand. However found a suitable way of disguising it we wrapped a string of Welsh Flag bunting around it. Well what else would you do with Welsh Flag bunting 🙂 .Especially as Wales were playing a World Cup Rugby match on the Saturday evening (against England)

It was a very long walk from the van to our stand. However, we managed to get all the stock into the stand  and all the tables up and cloth covers on before it was time to go to find our self catering accommodation just on the edge of Skipton.  We found our accommodation and it was high up on a hill with a fantastic view all around. It was nice to sit, rest and have a lovely cup of tea whilst our food was cooking.

Next morning it was an early start to get down to the venue and get everything set up, which we did with the help of our Daughter Siân, who came to visit and help us for the day.  It was so nice to see her for a whole day, with her living in Yorkshire we have to make the most of the opportunity.

Eventually after a lot of frenzied activity our stand looked like this as we were about to start day one

.YarndaleA YarndaleC YarndaleD

We had a lovely day meeting lots of ‘old’ customers and friends as well as meeting lots of new customers. Very enjoyable day and Siân enjoyed ‘playing on a lot of wheels new to her as well as helping us to sell a number of wheels too.

Saturday evening we returned to our accommodation and were joined by our friends Freyalyn & Mark as well as Denise, Tim & their nephew Oli. Mark and Oli went off to get us all fish and chips and whilst they were gone some of us watched a most beautiful sunset.

Skiptonsunset1 Skiptonsunset3 Skiptonsunset4 Skiptonsunset6

Fantastic Fish and Chips arrived and were enjoyably consumed with quantities of tea and then Denise, Tim and Oli set off home.

However Freyalyn, Mark, Clive and I (all Welsh supporters ) settled down to watch the Rugby with a bevy and enjoyed an entertaining evening with Wales beating England – so probably a good job that Denise Tim & Oli (all England supporters) had gone home …lol!

Next morning we were up bright and early to restock our stand and day two began. Second day was quieter but still relatively busy. As usual hard work packing the stand back into the van but at least we we had a lot less stock and a few less wheels to go home with 4 Timbertops, 4 unsold wheels and 3 to be reconditioned so only 11 on the homeward journey.

It was a lovely weekend which we both enjoyed. The journey home wasn’t too bad. We unloaded the van and collected Billy from the kennels. He had had a lovely time but was pleased to see us and we were pleased to have him back home too.

Now it is on with getting ready for the next Three events all taking place in October! Bakewell Wool Gathering, Kendal Wool Gathering and the All Wales Event of the WSD……

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