Bakewell and Kendal Wool Gatherings

Well the two weeks between getting back from Yarndale and getting ready  to leave for the October shows really flew by. First priority was giving  the completed TT Beaver,  it’s final test spin and full oiling then packed and safely on its way to the US using a’new to us’ carrier!  Then it was a quick stock take;  then get some more wheels reconditioned and a few items needed restocking after Yarndale. Mainly sock blockers as we were completely out of two sizes but also a few threading Hooks and l.oops too. Time was very short and Clive had to concentrate on some items to be repaired and returned to their owners when they visited Bakewell .

Eventually the time arrived to take Billy off to his friends at the Wooflands Kennels, where he disappeared through the door with tail wagging furiously! They make a big fuss of him there, he loves it! Two walks a day and a good play in the Paddock too.

Then it was home to pack the van – this time it was quite complex. We had wheels to take to Bakewell plus enough to be able to take some to Kendal too (in case we sold all the others at Bakewell) plus the items that were travelling north to Scotland for our visit to family.  (A little earlier in the year we had decided that our old van was becoming a bit costly to run and more repairs were going to be due in the coming winter so we made the mammoth decision to upgrade our van before the road tax ran out putting the money to better use on a newer van than throwing it away on the old van. We had managed to keep this a secret from the Scottish Clan, as our eldest Grandson in Scotland loves to ride in the van and we wanted to surprise him.).

Packing the van, although complex, was a little easier as this van is taller, so I don’t bang my head on the roof when packing it 🙂


The extra foot in height makes quite a difference and also it has space to put stuff above the cab which helps immensely. (and yes we can still get past the van) mind good job I have lost weight lol!

With the van packed, we set off for Bakewell, eventually arriving at our self catering accommodation on the hillside above Bakewell and the show location. We managed to drop off the spare wheels and our personal items and then went down to the Agriculture Centre where we were met by the always helpful Carole (Organiser) and we set up ready for the show the next day.

Bakewell2015B Bakewell2015C

We shared the meeting room with Katie  Weston and her Mum from Hill Top Cloud and also Jane Cummins who is a Contemporary Woodturner & Feltmaker .  Folk came in and said that the room  had a great atmosphere this year and we all enjoyed the show. Also good fun as we were at the same accommodation venue as some of our friends and so could spend time having a meal together on the saturday evening and watched the Rugby too!  We sold a couple of wheels and lots of other items as well as some orders too. So all told a good event. It was also good to talk to and banter with a number of our stall holder friends including Hans and Gerrie from Lowlands Legacy all the way from Holland.

However just before I move on; must just mention one sad (although almost funny) thing that happened. At the end of the second day a Customer came up and decided to buy the Ashford Traditional  Spinning wheel that you see in the foreground on the picture on the left. Nothing unusual about that,  however as I was just talking to her about the wheel, which she had already test driven, I happened to turn the Flyer (horseshoe thing that holds the bobbin) over and noticed something odd. It was a brand new 4 speed flyer and when i got it there were pilot holes in it for the hooks to go in  I duly put the hooks in which made the holes a bit bigger. As I looked at the flyer there was a hole where there should have been a hook, I know I put the hook in there as the hole was bigger than the pilot hole. Would you believe it someone had actually nicked a hook out of the flyer!!!!! We always try to watch our items and never leave spare bobbins or threading hooks on wheels to try to avoid things being stolen but someone must have been desperate to steal one hook worth pence from a spinning wheel!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sad world where you cannot trust folk at a spinning and weaving event!

Anyway after packing up from the show we went back to our accommodation, did a quick stock take, then repacked the van ready for our journey North the next day. In the morning popped into Bakewell and got a few items at the market then set off for Scotland.

After a relatively pleasant journey to Scotland we arrived with the family in Clackmannanshire. Weather was good so we had a lovely view of the

Ochils  Ochils as we approached.

On arrival the family  were very pleased to see us and especially our eldest and also the youngest Grandsons were excited to see & sit in the new van. We spent a lovely few days with the family including surprising our grandsons by actually going ten pin bowling with them, even Clive managed to hobble (with his painful hip) around the Alley and get a few strikes and half strikes.

All too soon it was time to head back south to Kendal for the ‘new to us’ Wool Gathering. After a good journey we arrived in Kendal and easily found the venue. Very good management and assistance there, friendly folk and very helpful quick to get trolleys to help us unload etc. We set up quite quickly ready for the  show.

Kendal2015A Kendal2015B

This show is only few years old and had it’s most exhibitors this year and a very good footfall of 7 to 8000 visitors.  It was  a different experience to our other shows this year as we were in Shop units in the K  Village. We were lucky as we were in a very well lit unit. Some of our regular customers had made their way to the venue as we had all tried to publicise it well. We enjoyed the show and although we didn’t sell any wheels at the show we did sell one after the show to someone who saw us there, so as we say it is not what you do at a show but what you do because of a show. We stayed in a nice B&B in  Kendal for the weekend and even had breakfast served in our room 🙂 B&Bbreakfast1 B&Bbreakfast2

So a pleasant weekend and we hope the Kendal Wool Gathering will run again next year and we will be able to apply and fit into our show calendar for 2016. At the end of the show everyone seemed to have had a good time and the Organisers speedily helped all the stall holders to park up at the closest available spot to our stands and get speedily loaded into vehicles (using trolleys provided) before setting off on our journey home. That night we traveled at far as the Travelodge at the Wirral where we arrived at about 8.30pm tired but happy. We moved on home the next day.


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