Billy gave us a fright and the All Wales Event was good

Well after a hair raising couple of days am pleased to say that despite frightening both us and worrying the vet and spending two days on a drip in the vets, Billy appears to be making a full recovery.!!! Although we are watching him like hawks!

After staying in the Travelodge at Wirral we had a lovely journey home after a couple of stops the first was at Parkgate looking out over the marshes (time for coffee and cake)

Parkgatelookingovermarshes! Parkgatelooking overmarshes2

The second photo shows a little egret (albeit not very clear) in middle of picture

Then we went on up to the coast road at Hoylake


for a bit but wind was blowing rather hard so we stayed in van and just watched wind surfers out on the water. Then it was homeward bound using hardly a motorway. Lovely journey followed by chip shop supper 🙂

Tuesday morning up early and collected Billy from the kennels. They had taken him for a walk but hadn’t had time to give him his breakfast. No problem he could have it at home ! As we arrived home, I held Billy’s lead as Clive got out of the van (He’s a bit slower at the moment with his wonky hip) and as I then handed the lead to Clive, Billy jumped off the seat in the van and made a grab for something on the floor.  We didn’t even see what he had grabbed and thought initially it could have been a bit of sandwich or filling from our previous day mid journey break.

Got in doors and gave Billy his breakfast and he seemed fine. He always sleeps a lot first two days after stays at the kennels as he spends so much time playing with the other dogs whilst there! Day progressed ok. Then late evening Billy started drinking like crazy, we went to bed and then during the night Billy had me up being sick. It hadn’t improved by morning and he was getting more and more lethargic by then we had realised he must have found a little bit of chocolate that Clive must have  accidentally dropped the day before without realising.  I quickly got Billy to the vets and explained it looked like accidental chocolate poisoning. They did blood tests and put him on a drip to hydrate him as he was very weak. The diarrhea and sickness continued during the morning but stopped after two injections and the use of the drip. Luckily by the evening he had improved a little and his tail was starting to wag the tiniest bit. the vet suggested I collect him as nothing drastic had shown up on the blood tests just slightly different to normal and he would rest better with us. However I had to take him back first thing the next morning to go back on the drip again. He could have a little rice and chicken to eat that evening and a little more on the morning. Back on the drip next day and I eventually could collect him at 4.30. As I collected him at last his tail was wagging again. He slowly starting to get back to his normal mischievous self. We just had to watch and monitor him for a few days! Needless to say van was checked thoroughly to make sure nothing harmful in there!!!

Managed to do a quick stock take and tidy up the boxes on Friday and then early start (6.25am) on the Saturday morning as we set off for the All Wales (Guild) Event at Llanidloes. Billy was beginning to recover but did think I had gone crackers when I got up at 5.25am and he stayed in bed until a little later when Clive got up lol! So all three of us got ready and into the van. Billy was so excited as he was accompanying us this time. At least the journey was only  just under 2 hours. He doesn’t mind as long as he gets a little walk in the middle of journey.

Arrived safely at Llanidloes and unloaded and got set up for the day. Luckily room behind the stand for Billy to safely sit and be monitored. (Of course getting fussed as often as he could by the customers that found him there – he made sure most did!)


Quite a good display for our third event in 15 days, something of everything.It was lovely to see everyone and we all enjoyed the day. There was a very good turn out considering the last match of the Rugby World Cup was taking place and although Wales were not playing we had wondered if it would effect it. Anyway at the end of the day we packed up and set off on our way home tired but happy after an enjoyable day. Needless to say Billy slept nearly all the way home but at least he was on the road to recovery and he had enjoyed the day! Last word today from Billy himself!

billy3  Hi Folks I’m ok now !

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