Our Billy!

Well the last week has been very emotional. Last week had to take Billy (our Jack Russell X) to the vet as he was very ill (not chocolate poisoning again I hasten to add and the vet confirmed No connection with previous vet visit) After various tests and ultra sounds it transpired that he had prostate cancer! An operation was not an option, but there was a little ray of hope. The vet prescribed some capsules (normally taken by humans) that Billy would have to have 1/4 capsule a day! These hopefully would shrink the tumour!  If this didn’t start to show signs of working by today (thursday) then unfortunately Billy would be on a one way ticket to Rainbow Bridge.
I had to go to the pharmacy to obtain the capsules, needless to say they were not in stock so had to be ordered Friday evening and hopefully would arrive for Saturday morning.
In the mean time a major unexpected problem  had been discovered with our van when I was out and about on Friday afternoon.  Gear selector failed and I found I only had 2nd gear, managed to drive home carefully, successfully negotiated the cul de sac at end of road, as no reverse gear to be able to turn around! Parked up, unloaded goods from van, phoned garage and then drove to garage in 2nd gear, lucky there was a build up of traffic, so most other folk were in 2nd gear too lol! Clive followed on to guide our wonderful friend, Sheila, who had said she would collect me from the garage and then after a cuppa took me to vet to collect Billy and then onto the pharmacy. Thank God for friends!
Anyway Saturday morning, phoned the Pharmacy, capsules were in. Walked the 2 1/2 mile round trip to the Pharmacy (wasn’t worth catching the bus and I could walk through the park) and the fresh air helped to clear my mind and also the walk impressed my Fitbit! 
Got home opened a capsule, divided contents into four satchets of tin foil. Vet had said to sprinkle onto Billy’s food but as he was reluctant to eat thought better to get out  the cheese (Billy adores cheese)  Cut thin slice of cheese and divided it into 3, took first sachet and moulded the powder into the cheese, making three little pyramids. Despite how ill he was Billy instantly took each piece of cheese and gobbled it up. After that throughout the day he kept returning to his bowl to nibble a little more food. I had put him onto 1/4 of a small sachet of dog food (just 35 grms or so with a rich tea biscuit broken up into it with a little water. At last he was gradually getting food in.  With frequent visits to the garden he was still trying  and eventually  doing the necessary! The week progressed slowly. every night was a nightmare with Billy (and me) having to get up 5 or 6 times for the frequent often non productive visits to the garden. By Sunday evening /Monday morning we had almost given up hope of a successful outcome. However during the day, Billy was getting brighter and at 11.30 every morning would sit (tail starting to wag) in the kitchen waiting for his cheese supply and of course the powder. Monday evening he actually went right through the night and has done so for the following two nights. He is now eating more in one go and eating the dog meat with ordinary mixer (still keeping him on limited supply to let him do it gradually). We know we are on borrowed time and the cancer could spread elsewhere but Billy is fighting and while he does we (and the vet) will give him that chance. So Billy fans everywhere, he is a little fighter, so any prayers you can spare are welcome, to help him on his way and thanks to the vet for not giving up on him. Also amazingly the 15 capsules for two months supply only cost me £6 and thanks goodness we also have Pet Insurance! So onward and upwards.  So now we just have to get the van back and pay the repair bill then off to Bristol soon for Clive’s Hip operation! Oh boy what a start to the year! Other (good) things have happened including looking after Grandsons and our Daughter’s Graduation but that will have to be in another blog. To our very close family & friends who have known about Billy’s problems, thank you all, for your support over this last ten days it has helped immensely to know you were there for us.
Another Blog as soon as I have time………………………
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One Response to Our Billy!

  1. keithevans12 says:

    Hiya Joan
    Poor Billy, I’m glad that the medication seems to be working for him. It’s one of those things that ‘us’ boys worry about getting. Please give Billy an extra hug and kisses from Uncle Keith and Lucky our Jack.
    Will see you at Wonderwool and will have a request for some extra bobbins for a lovely Norwegian wheel with known history from the Isle of Soay and when they removed the people from the islands in 1953.
    Bye for now and big hugs to you both
    Keith xxx

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