Billy the loveable rogue

Billy bounced into our life in February 2006


Thank you everyone for all your support but regrettably and with a heavy heart I have to tell you all that, after a decade with us, today Billy went via the vets to Rainbow Bridge. After the medication he was actually bouncing again however since last Sunday evening things have not been so good and he stopped eating main meals and would only eat treats like his cheese (with medication) each morning and the last two days has survived on yogurt, banana and a few nibbles of his food. The Vet had said that this particular type of cancer in dogs can be extremely aggressive and the tumour was suddenly getting much larger as he was obviously in discomfort although he did not appear to be in pain and in that respect the medication was working although his quality of life was gone.

So thank you Billy for all the good times, you will always be remembered not only by us, our family and friends but a whole host of customers who loved you as much as we did!

older billy2a

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5 Responses to Billy the loveable rogue

  1. norfolklass says:

    Oh no Joan, I am so sorry to hear the news about Billy, they really do become part of the family I know, I hope he is happy on Rainbow Bridge. Please give our best to Clive for his operation on Thursday, hope he recovers well. Take care of yourself too

  2. Karen Haas says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss! From your blog, I know Billy was a beloved member of your family. I’m sure his tail is wagging as he waits for you across the Rainbow Bridge.

  3. Thanks Annie, yes ten years and lots of mischief!
    Will pass message onto wishes

  4. keithevans12 says:

    Dear Joan and Clive, so sorry to hear about Billy. They come into our lives, change everything so it revolves around them, but we wouldn’t have it any other way as our hearts belong to them from day one. Billy like all the others are a ‘one off’. All my love to you both, see you soon.
    Keith xxx

  5. Thanks Keith yes Billy was definitely a ‘one off”, and as i write this have just seen a rainbow out of the window so unexpected 🙂
    see you soon

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