It’s that time of year again!

Since last blog I pulled tendons in both my wrists within three days of each other which slowed me down some what. I have loose joints and have had trouble wrist wise with dislocations,  part dislocations, sprains etc for years. So use to bandaging my own wrists that I swear I could do it in my sleep, lol! As usual didn’t actually stop me doing things but very frustrating.

Anyway onward and upwards. Busy in the workshop but sometimes this time of year  you just have to do a stock take then sit down and update and refresh website, price lists and folksy shop, can’t completely do it as have a new item going on the shelves in the next fortnight but ……(watch this space)… have done as much as I can.

Have already completed a talk for a local WI this year but in March we have two Guilds to attend (both Avon and also Somerset) one weekend apart. (Both on Six Nations Rugby weekends ….ooops! think I slipped up there lol! Oh well we shall just have to record the matches and hopefully enjoy later!).  Just been invited to attend the Tynedale Guild Spinners Gathering in May which will give us something extra to look forward to especially as we shall be staying with our friends Denise and Tim for the weekend and seeing our other friends Freyalyn and Mark at the event!

Clive’s psoriasis is settling down and his hip isn’t too bad at present so  he is spending periods out in the workshop building stock whilst waiting for his new appointment.

Between us, having already repaired a couple of wheels for customers,  we are very busy with making darning mushrooms, sock blockers, drop spindles,  naalbinding needles and aubusson bobbins! Completing the stock take also makes one realise that some other items are getting a bit low too!!! Panic!!  Loads of Wheels still to recondition although have managed to get some done….. Wonderwool Wales is fast approaching!!

Right off to get on again…………….



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