March and April have flown by..(continued)

As the first day at Wonderwool finished we managed to restock the table and then everything was put under covers until the morning. I also managed to get through  to the hospital and again spoke to Clive who was pleased to report that during the day he had progressed from using a zimmer frame to two sticks (turns out he meant crutches) but wow that was incredible. in less than a day from the operation.

I stayed on site and had food with friends but it was a shame that the pizza stand closed up as many of us were looking forward to a fresh pizza however managed to get something else enjoyable from one of the other stands. Then it was up to the cottage for our second evening. It was nice to just relax, chat and feel relief that at last Clive was on the mend! Another good nights sleep and then after a quick breakfast back down to the showground.

Had chance for a quick look around and a chat to friends including Hans & Gerrie from Lowlands Legacy. It had already been agreed that we would be agents for their Bogway Spinners ( and they would have my drop spindles) and I had picked up our supply during the weekend. 


The picture is also shown on our website (various colours of fibre available) Then I went visiting our friend Judy on the Shetland Sheep stand. After a little chat I spied that she was selling a lovely little Shetland style upright wheel made by a gentleman from Orkney. I really couldn’t resist it so decided to buy it and then swap it with my current wheel (a Baynes Colonial) which will then go on our stand for sale 🙂 . Pictures to come on a later blog!!

Then it was back to the stand and uncover. Anna made a good job of tidying up the stall once the covers were away and then it was time to start day two

This time with a few less wheels (Anna had had a successful day 1 demonstrating wheels and selling).

Day two was not as hectic but still quite busy. It was good to see friends, including the ‘Lady from the Isles’ (see previous blog about Trad) and her Husband who had made the journey south. Eventually the show finished and it was time to pack away. We managed quite well and I was thankful to get the van quite close. Got all the boxes, tables and boards in and then had a lovely surprise when the wonderful Cecilia and Graham came around and offered to carry the wheels out for me and also Graham then handed it all up to me in the van. That bit was truly wonderful as by then Anna and I were starting to flag a little. Especially as I actually ended up coming home with as many wheels as I went with!! lol! Apart from the 4 Timbertops demo wheels I took 10 reconditioned wheels, sold 4, bought two in from customers to recondition, collected one from a customer to repair and then bought a wheel for me. Once all packed in and thanking friends for their help and also Andy and the Wonderwool team. Set off. First stopped at the Little Chef for a pot of tea and a quick meal, then phoned Clive (he’d had another good day) and arranged with the nurses what time to pick Clive up next morning, then a steady drive home before it got dark. Once in doors made a nice cup of tea and put my feet up.

Next morning, off to the hospital for 10.30 to see and collect Clive. It was lovely to see him so bright and cheerful and doing so well on his crutches. Then off home. We have both been taking it steady this week. Clive is now on just one crutch.  i have been enjoying a rest after the testing time we had before Wonderwool and all the energy I used at the show.

Now to finish the stock take to see what needs to be made for the Tynedale Spinners Gathering and Woolfest……………




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