March and April have flown by………….

12th March found us travelling over the Bridge to see the Avon Guild, we had a lovely time there and were pleased to meet one of our  customers there and introduce her to the Guild (which she has now joined!). The sales table, wheel surgery and talk went down well.

The following Saturday it was back on the road, over the bridge and along the M5 again, this time to visit the Somerset Guild. Again a lovely time was had with a sales table and a talk but this time Clive also entertained everyone by not only doing a wheel surgery but we actually had the operating theatre too as he completely dismantled a wheel to make adjustments and get it working!!!!! Please to say the operation was successful and the customer and wheel both went away happy.

31st March was a busy day with me out and about but regrettably during the process,  I fell backwards getting out of the van (my ankle went over) and I hit my head amongst other things. Double checked that nothing was broken and that I didn’t have double vision then I successful got home late morning and didn’t feel too bad. In fact the next day  I actually took part as a member of our WI team in the county quiz. We came 9th out of 28 teams best we’ve ever done, incredible, especially  when we later realised I actually had concussion and the other two members for various reasons were not actually fully fit either! Any way Saturday I began to feal more nauseous and everything ached. Sunday I did agree reluctantly to go to Hospital for a check up and it was confirmed that I had got  concussion.  Life for me took on a slower pace for a bit! In the meantime Clive was still being treated by the Doctor for his psoriasis and a new date for operation could then be given. The hospital bed booking clerk phoned and happily told me 22nd April!!! My immediate thought was Oh S*&%! Same day as set up for Wonderwool. I knew Clive was desperate for the operation so we just had to go with that date. The Hospital clerk also said if a cancellation arose in the meantime she would fit Clive in!

Our friend Anna, from Devon, .was wonderful. As soon as she heard when the new operation date was she booked a B&B near Builth Wells and said I will be there from the Friday morning until Sunday night to be your assistant, for setting up, doing the show and breaking down! What a friend!!!

It was decided that with the uncertainty as to whether the operation was going to be cancelled at the last minute that I would sleep in the van instead of  taking the tent and having to put it up on my own. Clive could join me if necessary! Then our friends Freyalyn and Mark offered for me to stay at the cottage they were staying in and everyone agreed I could share a room with our other friend Denise. Fantastic friends we have!!!

We set too making items of stock as fast as our ailments would allow us!! It kept our mind off other things! As the 22nd  dawned it was a very early start. Up at 4.30am and arrived at Emerson Green hospital 6.10am. Clive’s check in process started at 6.30am everything seemed to be ok, his psoriasis was all ok, however needed Consultant to agree operation could go ahead! Yay!! 7.45am consultant came into ward checked Clive and said yes I will operate at 10am!!!!!!!!!!! Phew what a relief!. I then made my way home to have breakfast and a well earned cup of coffee. Then (as van was already packed up) on the road again up to Builth Wells and the showground. Anna was already there waiting for me!!! 🙂 Checked in, unloaded, moved van then a well earned cuppa!. The rest of the day was spent setting up.  Also phoned hospital at 3.30pm and spoke to Clive, operation all ok and he was back in ward feeling ok. Then up to the cottage with Denise, Freyalyn & Mark were waiting with a wonderful meal, Denise produced a glass of wine and that night I slept like a log!

Next morning saw us back at Wonderwool bright and early to finish setting up and managed to take a couple of photos before 10am start.

The first day was very busy, but enjoyable and we had good sales. Second day was quieter but still some good sales and lots of customers to chat too as well as friends to meet.

to be continued……………………………….


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2 Responses to March and April have flown by………….

  1. Lynn Massey says:

    It was brill to see you at WWWales…and no visible lumps on the noggin…
    So pleased Clive’s ok went ok. How’s he doing now? Up running around yet?
    The hand carders are great… best buy at WWWales…along with my Saori loom warps…colinette mohair…etc etc…
    Take care and see you soon x

    • No visible lumps thank goodness but still a little tender sometimes 🙂
      Clive is doing well, not quite running yet but down to one crutch already, but taking it steady.
      Glad you like the carders.

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