Things are progressing

Pleased to say Clive is progressing well (touch wood) with his recovery from his hip operation.Not using any crutches or sticks at all now.It made such a difference the surgeon doing the operation in a different way to the way his left hip was done (no thigh muscle cut this time) and he also managed to balance up the length of each leg better so now they are more or less same length. After first operation there was a 2cm difference! So for the last four years Clive has been limping. Firstly because of the left hip waiting for operation then because of the thigh muscle taking so long to heal as well as one leg being longer than the other. Putting a strain on right hip which also needed to be operated on! Biggest problem at present is reminding him not to do too much lifting etc as it is all still healing and strengthening.

I took a week off after Wonderwool to give me time to recover and just look after myself and Clive. Then it was do a stock take where luckily found had just about enough of everything to do our next event. Then I started making buttons as we had run out of those at Wonderwool



from the top  Boxwood, Brown Oak, Lacewood Burr both light and Dark, Laburnaum, Yew various sizes Lacewood (large and small square – you can only see one) then box at the bottom again.

Then on Friday 20th May we set off northwards bound. Arrived at Denise and Tim’s  (Marton in Cleveland) ready for  a whole weekend away! 🙂  Delayed through three lots of Traffice Jams M5, M1 and A1M!!! Never mind got there safely!  Weather was nice so on arrival we had a welcome from everyone (including the dogs Deefa and Holly & a nice cuppa and then a pleasant spot of relaxing in the garden where we chatted.  Saturday saw us up and about very early, quick breakfast and then off to Stocksfield for the Tynedale Spinners Gathering. Clive was a bit upset as he was banned from touching the trolley lol! Mark (from Freyalyn Fibres )  helped us to unload. We had a  lovely spot for our stand …..on the stage.. So I set up and Clive organised the wheels, we had two Timbertops and 4 reconditioned wheels with us

A very pleasant and enjoyable day was had meeting both old and new customers. Nice to chat/banter with Freyalyn and Mark too. At the end of the day Mark and Tim were on hand to help with loading up (thanks to both of them) then it was back to Denise and Tim’ for Fish and Chips, a glass of wine and Deefa let us share his settee again  lol!

Sunday was very restful and we all enjoyed ourselves after a lovely meal the day ended again with a glass of wine and Deefa sharing the settee with us again!


Monday morning left Clevelandand went southwards to see our Daughter Siân. Collected the Stitchmarker stock that she had for us as well as other bits and pieces, Saw the family  (all the grandsons have grown again since January – I feel I am shrinking). Spent time also with their dogs Cuthbert and Ruan (both full of mischief)  The next morning we set off on our way home, stopping at Ripon to get some food supplies then homeward bound. No traffic jams on way back thank goodness.  Arrived home tired but happy after such a lovely few days. Now work must begin for Woolfest and I have a reconditioned  wheel to finish off so it can go to USA, just waiting for Clive to finish the extra bits. Clive still has to take things a bit steady until he gets the ok from the Hospital when he goes for his check up (soon) .  Right off to get on again……




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