At last ……. back with a blog

Well this has been a hard year but at last I am back!

We have progressed through the year a lot slower than expected! We managed to do Woolfest together, with Clive coping very well with getting all the equipment to the stand, I was still struggling a little with the remains of the concussion I suffered 31st March. Anyway had quite an enjoyable show and some good sales. Then we came back and after a few days managed to get to the wood yard to get more timber. On our return we carefully got the timber in the wood shed, Clive did well (although he was still waiting to be discharged by the Consultant) Unfortunately whilst trying to help Clive move the planks I succeeded in straining my groin and my stomach muscles!!  Regrettably it has taken many months to begin to feel better and during this time Clive has had to help me a lot to enable us to get through the various shows and survive the year.

So we went to Fibre East (not such a good show for us this year but made us rethink our set up as perhaps our stand was going a bit stale!) We went home and  had a major rethink of how the stand looked. We worked as hard as we were able to in the circumstances and managed to get the stock sorted for Yarndale and eagerly set off with our new display.We have changed our table coverings from Navy to a lovely deep Teal colour and having procured some suitable material our Daughter Sian helped by making some lovely bunting.

We had a lot of nice comments about it. (The Teal doesn’t show up well in a photo though but the bunting does@).

We spend a nice first day with Sian as she came to help too and demonstrate the wheels. Selling three during the day before she went home to the family and the second day we managed to sell another two so that was good apart from selling a lot of other items too.. That weekend we also collected a number of wheels for us to recondition for resale. So it was home again to prepare again for the next two shows with me still struggling with my injuries although it was very very slowly getting better.

After our return from Yarndale also had to fit in a visit  to North Wales as our friend Anne had acquired some wheels for us. First had to get one of the wheels we collected at Yarndale reconditioned as it had to be collcected on out journey north. Went to North Wales on our journey between us saw 5 Red Kites flying around. Met up with customer who collected her wheel. Collected 4 spinning wheels for us to recondition whilst visiting Anne and Tony and the dogs Isla and Willow and had a lovely chat over a cuppa and our lunch. Then on to our friend Kim with dogs Wallace & Gromit, Poppy and Tan, lovely cuppa, Bara Brith and a nice chat as well as being loved by all the dogs. Back to Llanelwedd to the Little Chef and a really nicely cooked meal, then home safely afterwards.

The next few weeks were spent gradually getting as many reconditioned wheels done as possible and some other stock including buttons that had been breeding again!!

Apart form doing all this clothes had to be sorted ready for our next two shows and the house had to be tidied and prepared as all being well we would be bringing back an addition to the family……………………………………..(to be continued 🙂 )

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