…..And so a new year begins

Well it has been an eventful end of year and beginning of the next in many ways and not all good but these things happen. A very good Friend of ours who helped us, over  the last 30 years, through some of our toughest times was taken ill in December was taken into Hospital, returned home and we spent a little time with her  around Christmas but then she was taken back into hospital  where she subsequently died. We were all totally stunned as it was so sudden but she faced death with the same courage that she faced life and her attitude to it all was something we could all learn from. She was an amazing lady. RIP Sheila!

On a more cheerful note, Star enjoyed his first Christmas learning that crunchy wrapping paper sometimes held really exciting things …mainly Toys with Squeakers!!! We enjoyed our Christmas break just the three of us . Then we had something else to look forward to on New Year’s Eve. The three of us drove to Donington Services (just off the M1) where we met our friends Denise & Tim who brought Deefa (their dog) along too, We had a number of items (including a wheel) we wanted to exchange and also they all wanted to meet Star. We his first real socializing lesson went very well, he and Deefa got on together OK without Star getting his head bitten off lol!  Also he loved meeting Denise and Tim and was quite good at not jumping up and socializing with folk! Then some more friends of Denise and Tim and acquaintances of ours, Paul & Yvonne, also arrived with their dog Kiera and Star was introduced to all of them too. He took it all in his stride and we had a very nice hour or so at the services walking the dogs and chatting before all heading off home again.

After the New Year, the holiday ended and we started back to work and also Star’s training continued. First thing he had to do was learn to get up the stairs on his own …well he did only have short legs


Then he had to learn to come back down again …it all took time!

His walks started getting longer and he was getting use to many different sights and sounds. First time I took him along the canal tow path he was intrigued by the ducks on the canal and also seeing other dogs out for their walk passing by. The next time along the tow path was quite eventful; As Star was on an extended lead and running along quite merrily when he took it into his head to run diagonally across me and front two feet went up on the Weir wall (about 12 inches tall) then the back followed in quick succession and front feet leapt outwards (into thin air)!!! Luckily a hasty pull on the lead, grounded him on the concrete plinth the other side of the weir wall without him getting wet feet.  Then quickly lifted him back onto the Tow path. He was OK but just a bit shocked!! I then stood him (reluctantly) on his back legs and put his front feet on weir wall to show him where he nearly went in the water!! Don’t think we will be repeating that one !!! (Luckily had not been raining much so the water was only trickling over the weir on its way to the river below).

The next day saw us on the canal tow path again …no incidence by the weir wall but a bit further on he was checking our ‘Weemail’ when two other dogs went past he was so interested he turned to watch them…. then stepped backwards and his back legs slithered down the bank! lol! luckily as he was on his lead I held on tight while he scrabbled back up to safety. All part of the learning curve!! He is learning fast and despite everything a joy to take for a walk.

He hasn’t been down the workshop yet as it’s been a bit too cold and I have had other work (such as reconditioning wheels)  to do that can be done mainly  indoors., but he loves to run out and try to grab a bit of wood or a small piece of abrasive paper from Clive’s workshop!!

So work is progressing, heater is on in workshop, and if the sun is shining then work progresses faster but if cold  then it is done in short bursts , but at lest we are into February now  and hopefully it  will soon be warmer. Right……. off to test drive two wheels and then get some more marking up of timber for Lucets, buttons etc to be done and some more Tea-cosies for the wheels to be stitched up. All cold weather jobs but it is surprising how it helps as the weather gets warmer you can get on that much quicker.



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