Spring into action…………..

Well from a bit of a slow start, the year is rushing onward. March saw us at the Brecon Guild, where we were made most welcome. We  know many of the Guild so it was lovely to go and visit so many of our customers and friends. Star was made most welcome and gained a new set of fans lol! I set up his small play pen at the back of the stand. I always put a good ground sheet in the bottom (just in case of accidents and then a blanket and his bed, toys and water bowl. He plays with his toys but will often just sit and watch the proceedings and he is learning all the time.

Once we were packed up and home then the next day it was quick stock take to see what was needed to top up stock boxes. Then busy making items and Clive getting on with Chair Wheels. Before we knew it we were getting ready for Wonderwool Wales.Star clipped and ready for his holiday at kennels

Star went off to be trimmed before his holiday at the kennels and came back looking even more cheeky than he was before! Then we dropped him off for his holiday and loaded the van up………………………………


and inside were all our tables/chairs, all the stock, the trolley, 13 reconditioned wheels and the Timbertops Demo wheels as well as all our food, clothes etc.  I don’t think we could have seriously got any more in lol! Then we were off to Wonderwool Wales.We made our way straight to our accommodation for the weekend, right on the edge of Builth Wells, so nice & close to the show ground. We were sharing a lovely chalet with our friends Denise  and Oli (her nephew)


It was very spacious, warm  and comfortable.

Next morning, saw us up and off to the showground where we quickly booked in and got unloaded with the help of Denise and Oli. Then we set up, This is a relatively new set up as only the second year we have had a 6 metre stand. All a little strange for Clive as he wasn’t with me last year  (he was having his hip operation) Anyway once set up it looked good.

We had a lovely show, meeting lots of old and new customers and friends. The evenings were fun and entertaining with Denise and Oli (mental note beware of playing Monopoly with Oli and Denise- not sure who is most conniving lol! But it was all good fun: Clive was a brilliant Banker and kept us all on our toes!) At the end of the show it was packing up time and then on our way home. Following morning collected Star from his first visit to the Kennels, which he had enjoyed. Then unload van,  did a stock take and off again making more stock and reconditioning more wheels and Clive making bobbins and then getting on with Chair Wheels again…………….

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