Wonderful Guild visits and other news ………..

Well May began with the unexpected but welcome news that our Elder Daughter,  Siân had a few days spare and was coming down from Yorkshire on her own to visit us as her Husband was going to look after the family. She has already obtained a degree in Theology, Ministry and Mission and is starting her Ordination training in September and so life for the following two years will be some what hectic. It was lovely to spend some time with her. All too soon it was time for her to travel back home but I  managed to get  a couple of photos before she did!!

As you see Clive had given the razor blades a holiday for a few days lol!

Anyway once she had gone, we resumed  activities and before we knew it we were getting ready for our visit north to the Tynedale Guild Spinners Gathering.

We actually set of on the Thursday to visit a Customer/Friend Jackie near Chester who had plants for us and the family, we also exchanged some with her and we had various parts of spinning wheels to return to her! Star enjoyed the trip and when we got there he was allowed in with us to visit their menagerie! Well he had a whale of a time visiting them all. The Chihuahuas were in their crate but he crawled over to them so he was low enough to look at them eyeball to eyeball mainly all tails were wagging lol! Boss cat was kept outside  but the other four kept appearing from around the end of the settee and then letting Star chase them but then they sneaked out the door through a gap he couldn’t get through. It was funny watching them teasing  him, no one came to any harm and they all had fun. Then after we all had food, they brought their Keeshond (Dutch Barge Dog) in. Well he appeared two to three times as wide as Star and three times as high due to his beautiful coat. He spent all evening wanting to play tag but although Star was very good and didn’t bark,  Star appeared a little overwhelmed with his new friend and kept hiding under the chairs or behind someones legs with his nose poking out but gradually got a bit braver and enjoyed a run around. We had a lovely chat and all of us enjoyed the evening.

Eventually we headed off for our overnight accommodation and then in the morning we made our way north east to take some plants to Siân in Yorkshire and to see the rest of the family there, before going on to Denise and Tim (Willo Fibres) with whom we were staying with for the weekend. On arrival Star was re-introduced to Deefa (the sheepdog) who quickly told him ‘No nonsense now lad’ and Star decided best to obey Uncle Deefa!

The next morning saw us up early and on our way to Stocksfield for the gathering. We had a lovely spot on the stage again with a good display. Star joined us as we had his play pen with us again.

Tynedaleguild2017  Star guarding the stand

It was lovely to catch up with a number of friends who had stands there and introduce them to Star who was a little star during the day. Clive made sure he carried Star out regularly through out the day and took him for some walks. We had some good sales and the biggest compliment Star could have was as we were packing up when someone gasped and said “Has that puppy been on the stage all day and I didn’t even realise as I hadn’t seen him or heard him, he has been so quiet.” lol!!

We made our way home to Denise and Tim’s, where a fish and chip supper awaited us. Then Denise and I went upstairs to the second floor to the office to check something on the computer and after a bit Star decided to he would explore and find us. He was quite proud when he found us, had a stroke and a wander round the office then disappeared again. We thought he had gone downstairs, unfortunately he had discovered the Batt box bedroom door open and had gone to investigate. We heard a funny noise and when WE went to investigate, we discovered that he had decided to spread a batt of Alpaca fibre all over the bedroom floor! Luckily Denise could see the funny side of it, as she had forgotten to shut the door having moved all the fibre in there; although Star then got christened ‘Alpaca Fibre killing puppy’!


He didn’t actually chew anything and most of the fibre was saved when I picked it up off the floor!

The following morning we had a bit of a shock following a phone call telling us that our very good Dutch Friend Tinus, who was like a brother to us, had died of Cancer in Holland. I have known Henny (his wife) and Tinus for almost 56 years and Clive has know them for 45 years.  Denise and Tim gave us time to gather our thoughts and tell our family and then took us to the Beach for a walk which helped.

Star had never been to the beach before, so it was a good introduction.

The next day we traveled home after a lovely weekend, tired but happy. Back to the workshop for a short while, as we couldn’t manage to get to Holland for Tinus’s funeral but we did send Henny a succulent display as a living memorial to him, which she appreciated.

Then the following Friday we were off again,. This time up to West Bromwich to see Star’s Mum, Dad and Breeder Theresa. Where we had a short but lovely visit.

Then on to our Travelodge at Warrington, through nightmare traffic jams as it was Bank Holiday Friday, but luckily the next morning we only had to go 4 miles to the North Cheshire Guild. They gave us a lovely welcome, a tasty lunch and we had a splendid day with them. It was really enjoyable and again Star added more friends to his fan club lol! After packing up we made our way home, stopping for food on the way, traffic was very good, so we were home by just after 9 pm.

Sunday was a day of resting and then on again completing orders, working on Timbertops wheels and also getting ready for Woolfest …………..

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