At last back with the blog ..continued

So, with me still struggling with my injuries, we set off for Bakewell. We stopped off on route to visit our new addition (more to follow on this) then onward to Bakewell Wool Gathering with its’ lovely welcome from Carole and our lovely self catering accommodation too. We set up as much as we could and then went back for a well earned rest at the accommodation, next morning had us up bright and early back to finish setting up the stand. bakewell2016

Unfortunately didn’t have room to put the bunting up at this show as we don’t have as many tables to display it on or anywhere else to put the banner. Any way we had a lovely show with good sales and were well looked after and the Friday and Saturday evenings were spent with our friends Freyalyn, Mark and Denise. So really good. We packed the stall up carefully on the Sunday evening as we were about to head north to visit family.

Monday morning saw us setting off on our long journey north to near Stirling to visit the Scottish part of our family. We spend a lovely few days with them before heading back South on the Friday morning. We traveled down to Levens to another self catering House this time known as a Hall! Quite a large house which we were going to be sharing with Denise, Tim and Deefa (the dog). There we unloaded all the food, bedding etc and anything we wouldn’t need at the show then into Kendal to set up for the Kendal Wool Gathering.

When we arrived, we had a lovely welcome from Cliff and Mandy and were shown where our stand was going to be and  Hans and Gerrie, our friends from Lowlands Legacy (Holland) were next to us.  We unpacked, set up and luckily had enough stock left for out second show in ten days.

We had a lovely show. and a good time in the evenings having long chats with Tim and Denise (covering so many topics it was unbelievable) and of course enjoying the odd glass of wine and a lot of cuddles with Deefa. So enjoyed it we didn’t even put the tv on once!!

Monday morning saw us packing everything in van and on our way again. This time however with a bit of a difference. We made our way down to near Birmingham where we were to collect our new addition to the family….. and here he is!!

here he is approx two weeks old the first two pictures are courtesy of Theresa the breeder He is a Shih Tzu  and we have named him Star and really is a little star! The second photo shows him with his mum and Dad and siblings


Denise recons this is Star at 3 weeks after he fainted when he found out he was coming to live with us. (cheeky!)

However when we collected him he was like this


So as successor to Billy I think he has big boots to fill but he is a real character and I am sure he is up to the challenge.  We met Star (first time when he was only 2 weeks old) on our way to Skipton for Yarndale and both fell in love with him instantly. It has been hard keeping it secret for the six weeks but we wanted to make sure everything went ok.

Anyway he is already finding his feet so further reports of antics will follow with the Woodland Turnery news. See you all again soon!……………………

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At last ……. back with a blog

Well this has been a hard year but at last I am back! We have progressed through the year a lot slower than expected! We managed to do Woolfest together, with Clive coping very well with getting al…

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At last ……. back with a blog

Well this has been a hard year but at last I am back!

We have progressed through the year a lot slower than expected! We managed to do Woolfest together, with Clive coping very well with getting all the equipment to the stand, I was still struggling a little with the remains of the concussion I suffered 31st March. Anyway had quite an enjoyable show and some good sales. Then we came back and after a few days managed to get to the wood yard to get more timber. On our return we carefully got the timber in the wood shed, Clive did well (although he was still waiting to be discharged by the Consultant) Unfortunately whilst trying to help Clive move the planks I succeeded in straining my groin and my stomach muscles!!  Regrettably it has taken many months to begin to feel better and during this time Clive has had to help me a lot to enable us to get through the various shows and survive the year.

So we went to Fibre East (not such a good show for us this year but made us rethink our set up as perhaps our stand was going a bit stale!) We went home and  had a major rethink of how the stand looked. We worked as hard as we were able to in the circumstances and managed to get the stock sorted for Yarndale and eagerly set off with our new display.We have changed our table coverings from Navy to a lovely deep Teal colour and having procured some suitable material our Daughter Sian helped by making some lovely bunting.

We had a lot of nice comments about it. (The Teal doesn’t show up well in a photo though but the bunting does@).

We spend a nice first day with Sian as she came to help too and demonstrate the wheels. Selling three during the day before she went home to the family and the second day we managed to sell another two so that was good apart from selling a lot of other items too.. That weekend we also collected a number of wheels for us to recondition for resale. So it was home again to prepare again for the next two shows with me still struggling with my injuries although it was very very slowly getting better.

After our return from Yarndale also had to fit in a visit  to North Wales as our friend Anne had acquired some wheels for us. First had to get one of the wheels we collected at Yarndale reconditioned as it had to be collcected on out journey north. Went to North Wales on our journey between us saw 5 Red Kites flying around. Met up with customer who collected her wheel. Collected 4 spinning wheels for us to recondition whilst visiting Anne and Tony and the dogs Isla and Willow and had a lovely chat over a cuppa and our lunch. Then on to our friend Kim with dogs Wallace & Gromit, Poppy and Tan, lovely cuppa, Bara Brith and a nice chat as well as being loved by all the dogs. Back to Llanelwedd to the Little Chef and a really nicely cooked meal, then home safely afterwards.

The next few weeks were spent gradually getting as many reconditioned wheels done as possible and some other stock including buttons that had been breeding again!!

Apart form doing all this clothes had to be sorted ready for our next two shows and the house had to be tidied and prepared as all being well we would be bringing back an addition to the family……………………………………..(to be continued 🙂 )

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Things are progressing

Pleased to say Clive is progressing well (touch wood) with his recovery from his hip operation.Not using any crutches or sticks at all now.It made such a difference the surgeon doing the operation in a different way to the way his left hip was done (no thigh muscle cut this time) and he also managed to balance up the length of each leg better so now they are more or less same length. After first operation there was a 2cm difference! So for the last four years Clive has been limping. Firstly because of the left hip waiting for operation then because of the thigh muscle taking so long to heal as well as one leg being longer than the other. Putting a strain on right hip which also needed to be operated on! Biggest problem at present is reminding him not to do too much lifting etc as it is all still healing and strengthening.

I took a week off after Wonderwool to give me time to recover and just look after myself and Clive. Then it was do a stock take where luckily found had just about enough of everything to do our next event. Then I started making buttons as we had run out of those at Wonderwool



from the top  Boxwood, Brown Oak, Lacewood Burr both light and Dark, Laburnaum, Yew various sizes Lacewood (large and small square – you can only see one) then box at the bottom again.

Then on Friday 20th May we set off northwards bound. Arrived at Denise and Tim’s  (Marton in Cleveland) ready for  a whole weekend away! 🙂  Delayed through three lots of Traffice Jams M5, M1 and A1M!!! Never mind got there safely!  Weather was nice so on arrival we had a welcome from everyone (including the dogs Deefa and Holly & a nice cuppa and then a pleasant spot of relaxing in the garden where we chatted.  Saturday saw us up and about very early, quick breakfast and then off to Stocksfield for the Tynedale Spinners Gathering. Clive was a bit upset as he was banned from touching the trolley lol! Mark (from Freyalyn Fibres )  helped us to unload. We had a  lovely spot for our stand …..on the stage.. So I set up and Clive organised the wheels, we had two Timbertops and 4 reconditioned wheels with us

A very pleasant and enjoyable day was had meeting both old and new customers. Nice to chat/banter with Freyalyn and Mark too. At the end of the day Mark and Tim were on hand to help with loading up (thanks to both of them) then it was back to Denise and Tim’ for Fish and Chips, a glass of wine and Deefa let us share his settee again  lol!

Sunday was very restful and we all enjoyed ourselves after a lovely meal the day ended again with a glass of wine and Deefa sharing the settee with us again!


Monday morning left Clevelandand went southwards to see our Daughter Siân. Collected the Stitchmarker stock that she had for us as well as other bits and pieces, Saw the family  (all the grandsons have grown again since January – I feel I am shrinking). Spent time also with their dogs Cuthbert and Ruan (both full of mischief)  The next morning we set off on our way home, stopping at Ripon to get some food supplies then homeward bound. No traffic jams on way back thank goodness.  Arrived home tired but happy after such a lovely few days. Now work must begin for Woolfest and I have a reconditioned  wheel to finish off so it can go to USA, just waiting for Clive to finish the extra bits. Clive still has to take things a bit steady until he gets the ok from the Hospital when he goes for his check up (soon) .  Right off to get on again……




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March and April have flown by..(continued)

As the first day at Wonderwool finished we managed to restock the table and then everything was put under covers until the morning. I also managed to get through  to the hospital and again spoke to Clive who was pleased to report that during the day he had progressed from using a zimmer frame to two sticks (turns out he meant crutches) but wow that was incredible. in less than a day from the operation.

I stayed on site and had food with friends but it was a shame that the pizza stand closed up as many of us were looking forward to a fresh pizza however managed to get something else enjoyable from one of the other stands. Then it was up to the cottage for our second evening. It was nice to just relax, chat and feel relief that at last Clive was on the mend! Another good nights sleep and then after a quick breakfast back down to the showground.

Had chance for a quick look around and a chat to friends including Hans & Gerrie from Lowlands Legacy. It had already been agreed that we would be agents for their Bogway Spinners ( and they would have my drop spindles) and I had picked up our supply during the weekend. 


The picture is also shown on our website (various colours of fibre available) Then I went visiting our friend Judy on the Shetland Sheep stand. After a little chat I spied that she was selling a lovely little Shetland style upright wheel made by a gentleman from Orkney. I really couldn’t resist it so decided to buy it and then swap it with my current wheel (a Baynes Colonial) which will then go on our stand for sale 🙂 . Pictures to come on a later blog!!

Then it was back to the stand and uncover. Anna made a good job of tidying up the stall once the covers were away and then it was time to start day two

This time with a few less wheels (Anna had had a successful day 1 demonstrating wheels and selling).

Day two was not as hectic but still quite busy. It was good to see friends, including the ‘Lady from the Isles’ (see previous blog about Trad) and her Husband who had made the journey south. Eventually the show finished and it was time to pack away. We managed quite well and I was thankful to get the van quite close. Got all the boxes, tables and boards in and then had a lovely surprise when the wonderful Cecilia and Graham came around and offered to carry the wheels out for me and also Graham then handed it all up to me in the van. That bit was truly wonderful as by then Anna and I were starting to flag a little. Especially as I actually ended up coming home with as many wheels as I went with!! lol! Apart from the 4 Timbertops demo wheels I took 10 reconditioned wheels, sold 4, bought two in from customers to recondition, collected one from a customer to repair and then bought a wheel for me. Once all packed in and thanking friends for their help and also Andy and the Wonderwool team. Set off. First stopped at the Little Chef for a pot of tea and a quick meal, then phoned Clive (he’d had another good day) and arranged with the nurses what time to pick Clive up next morning, then a steady drive home before it got dark. Once in doors made a nice cup of tea and put my feet up.

Next morning, off to the hospital for 10.30 to see and collect Clive. It was lovely to see him so bright and cheerful and doing so well on his crutches. Then off home. We have both been taking it steady this week. Clive is now on just one crutch.  i have been enjoying a rest after the testing time we had before Wonderwool and all the energy I used at the show.

Now to finish the stock take to see what needs to be made for the Tynedale Spinners Gathering and Woolfest……………




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March and April have flown by………….

12th March found us travelling over the Bridge to see the Avon Guild, we had a lovely time there and were pleased to meet one of our  customers there and introduce her to the Guild (which she has now joined!). The sales table, wheel surgery and talk went down well.

The following Saturday it was back on the road, over the bridge and along the M5 again, this time to visit the Somerset Guild. Again a lovely time was had with a sales table and a talk but this time Clive also entertained everyone by not only doing a wheel surgery but we actually had the operating theatre too as he completely dismantled a wheel to make adjustments and get it working!!!!! Please to say the operation was successful and the customer and wheel both went away happy.

31st March was a busy day with me out and about but regrettably during the process,  I fell backwards getting out of the van (my ankle went over) and I hit my head amongst other things. Double checked that nothing was broken and that I didn’t have double vision then I successful got home late morning and didn’t feel too bad. In fact the next day  I actually took part as a member of our WI team in the county quiz. We came 9th out of 28 teams best we’ve ever done, incredible, especially  when we later realised I actually had concussion and the other two members for various reasons were not actually fully fit either! Any way Saturday I began to feal more nauseous and everything ached. Sunday I did agree reluctantly to go to Hospital for a check up and it was confirmed that I had got  concussion.  Life for me took on a slower pace for a bit! In the meantime Clive was still being treated by the Doctor for his psoriasis and a new date for operation could then be given. The hospital bed booking clerk phoned and happily told me 22nd April!!! My immediate thought was Oh S*&%! Same day as set up for Wonderwool. I knew Clive was desperate for the operation so we just had to go with that date. The Hospital clerk also said if a cancellation arose in the meantime she would fit Clive in!

Our friend Anna, from Devon, .was wonderful. As soon as she heard when the new operation date was she booked a B&B near Builth Wells and said I will be there from the Friday morning until Sunday night to be your assistant, for setting up, doing the show and breaking down! What a friend!!!

It was decided that with the uncertainty as to whether the operation was going to be cancelled at the last minute that I would sleep in the van instead of  taking the tent and having to put it up on my own. Clive could join me if necessary! Then our friends Freyalyn and Mark offered for me to stay at the cottage they were staying in and everyone agreed I could share a room with our other friend Denise. Fantastic friends we have!!!

We set too making items of stock as fast as our ailments would allow us!! It kept our mind off other things! As the 22nd  dawned it was a very early start. Up at 4.30am and arrived at Emerson Green hospital 6.10am. Clive’s check in process started at 6.30am everything seemed to be ok, his psoriasis was all ok, however needed Consultant to agree operation could go ahead! Yay!! 7.45am consultant came into ward checked Clive and said yes I will operate at 10am!!!!!!!!!!! Phew what a relief!. I then made my way home to have breakfast and a well earned cup of coffee. Then (as van was already packed up) on the road again up to Builth Wells and the showground. Anna was already there waiting for me!!! 🙂 Checked in, unloaded, moved van then a well earned cuppa!. The rest of the day was spent setting up.  Also phoned hospital at 3.30pm and spoke to Clive, operation all ok and he was back in ward feeling ok. Then up to the cottage with Denise, Freyalyn & Mark were waiting with a wonderful meal, Denise produced a glass of wine and that night I slept like a log!

Next morning saw us back at Wonderwool bright and early to finish setting up and managed to take a couple of photos before 10am start.

The first day was very busy, but enjoyable and we had good sales. Second day was quieter but still some good sales and lots of customers to chat too as well as friends to meet.

to be continued……………………………….


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It’s that time of year again!

Since last blog I pulled tendons in both my wrists within three days of each other which slowed me down some what. I have loose joints and have had trouble wrist wise with dislocations,  part dislocations, sprains etc for years. So use to bandaging my own wrists that I swear I could do it in my sleep, lol! As usual didn’t actually stop me doing things but very frustrating.

Anyway onward and upwards. Busy in the workshop but sometimes this time of year  you just have to do a stock take then sit down and update and refresh website, price lists and folksy shop, can’t completely do it as have a new item going on the shelves in the next fortnight but ……(watch this space)… have done as much as I can.

Have already completed a talk for a local WI this year but in March we have two Guilds to attend (both Avon and also Somerset) one weekend apart. (Both on Six Nations Rugby weekends ….ooops! think I slipped up there lol! Oh well we shall just have to record the matches and hopefully enjoy later!).  Just been invited to attend the Tynedale Guild Spinners Gathering in May which will give us something extra to look forward to especially as we shall be staying with our friends Denise and Tim for the weekend and seeing our other friends Freyalyn and Mark at the event!

Clive’s psoriasis is settling down and his hip isn’t too bad at present so  he is spending periods out in the workshop building stock whilst waiting for his new appointment.

Between us, having already repaired a couple of wheels for customers,  we are very busy with making darning mushrooms, sock blockers, drop spindles,  naalbinding needles and aubusson bobbins! Completing the stock take also makes one realise that some other items are getting a bit low too!!! Panic!!  Loads of Wheels still to recondition although have managed to get some done….. Wonderwool Wales is fast approaching!!

Right off to get on again…………….



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Surprises that lift your spirits!

The last two and half weeks have been a bit bleak to say the least. Eventually got the van back from our (local) garage late Monday  afternoon with a large bill but at least the job has been done properly now. Will be contacting garage we got van from originally to complain but …water under the bridge, at least we feel safer now!  Then Tuesday regrettably had to take Billy to vets for the final time which was heart wrenching for both of us. Then on Thursday morning, woke up 3.30am eventually got up 4.30am and by 6am Clive and I were at Emerson Green hospital in Bristol ready for Clive’s hip operation. (at least we missed the morning rush hour!!!!!!! ) Then the bombshell hit!!! Because of all the stress we have both been under this last fortnight or so, Clive’s Psoriasis had flared (and got worse even overnight) and the Consultant was called and had to call off the operation. I think the Consultant & nurses were as upset as we were!! Came out the hospital keeping calm and using my iPad managed to go online (amazed I remembered website, id and password) with our Doctors and managed to get an appointment for 12 noon for Doctor to sort out Clive’s medication. Visited Doctor (one at the practice that Clive hadn’t seen before) explained the frustrating situation,  Doctor was wonderful calm and methodical: He deliberated for quite some time and then changed Clive’s medication and also prescribed antibiotics (as Clive never normally has antibiotics) to kill any infection, we have to return to Doctors in two weeks and as soon as psoriasis has calmed down then hospital will try and fit Clive in for op as soon as possible. So the last two days we have tried to ‘chill-out’ a bit to relieve the pressure that we have both been under recently.

Any way yesterday postman arrived and amongst the mail was a white A5 envelope addressed to us. I opened it, lovely hand printed photo card inside showing a lady (one of our customers) by her spinning wheel.  Inside was a wonderful poem she had written about us repairing her wheel and thanking us. She wishes to remain anonymous but has given permission for me to share her poem. She lives on one of the Scottish Islands and it took her and her Husband from November through to January to managed to get back across to the mainland to collect her wheel once it was done, due to the storms we have had meant that no ferries were running to the Island. I gave up counting how many times they phoned and said they are suppose to be running the ferry tomorrow only to get the message it didn’t run. In the end we said don’t worry when you eventually get to the mainland phone and say you have landed. Which is what they did and they happily collected the wheel whilst we were in Northern England visiting our Daughter and family.

I have had to consolidate each verse into a paragraph as it is very long but well worth the read… Enjoy!! We did and we are still giggling about it. Certainly lifted our spirits! Thank you to the Lady from the Isles – Happy Spinning!


By Trad

My origin I do not know, Now I live on an island of wind and snow. Just an ornament, not often used, My spinning owner quite confused, About the skills of drafting yarn, That eventually consigned me to the barn.

The Council tip was my destiny  Whereupon a gentlemen spotted me, Who then raced home to tell his wife You have to save threatened life! A wheel in danger of great harm, That needs your help and loving arms. A spinning wheel you’ll want to see, So hurry up and come with me!

To a brand new home I was then taken, A bumpy ride that left me shaken. Relieved of my impending doom, My place is now a sitting room Of cosy warmth and lovely view Of sheep and lochs and mountains too.

A door left open – “oh yes!” I cried An Ashford Traveller I espied! Quite dowdy and rundown I feel In the presence of this good looking wheel, Who later told me “do not fret, your new spinning owner While not expert yet, Is learning fast, and you will find, She is gentle, loving and very kind.”

Over time, my owner saw My general condition was getting poor. My wood was pale, lacked lustre too, My owner knew not what to do.

I creaked and groaned and gently squeaked And things got much worse, week by week. My owner certainly could tell The spinning was not going well. Things were wrong and really sad, Sometimes her words became quite bad!!

My owner goes to sheepy shows And many people she now knows. One introduction – a lady called Joan Said she could cure my creaks and groans.

Returning home, my owner, inspired Said a trip the mainland was now required.

To Joan’s, a long way south we had to go While avoiding all the hail and snow. To get to the mainland, past islands and skerries We had to embark on a very big ferry!

Through Scotland and England was quite a trip Down something called the **!*!! M6. We spent the time with thousands of cars Just parked in lines for hours and hours.

We sang, heard radio and tales before arriving in South Wales – A place that I had never seen And of such beauty I could not dream. It really was a long, long drive Before we got to Joan and Clive.

They treated me with such great care, And then, alarmed, I became aware of plans to dis-assemble me Oh heavens! What was my fate to be?! The next thing I knew, my drive wheel was off And Clive was telling me to cough!! Then, examined, inspected, and thoroughly cleaned I felt myself begin to gleam.

Joan with much love, long did she toil To rub me all over with Danish Oil. She smoothed and stroked and sometimes she’d tickle To such an extent, that I just had to giggle!

Then in a spare room I was put to lie Until the Oil had time to dry. With me were wheels from ceiling to floor! It’s the sort of place you would just adore. With a peek, I saw in other rooms, Collections of bobbins and weaving looms. Us wheels made friends, I was told great tales Of what went on in deep South Wales!!

Joan then inspected, pronounced she was pleased Especially as all my squeaks had eased. To perk me up further, she now desired To give me some colour that would be admired. A selection of shades was then applied, Thank heavens not pink! Or I would have died!!

To my relief, a choice was made, Of a warm and mellow chestnut shade That had a depth of golden glow For a wheel you would be proud to know.

So, polished and dustered and no longer pale A photo was sent to my owner, Email. “Oh wow!” she shrieked, “it was well worth the trip. Is this really my Trad that we saved from the tip?”

To go home, arrangements were made, Then cancelled again Because of bad weather and such heavy rain. Then, so much water, the flooding increased So that plans to go home, just had to cease.

Autumn was past and snow was now falling. The weather by now was really appalling. The ferries were docked, they just could not sail Because of the dangers of wind, rain and gales

“Do not worry” said Joan, “to the north we are travelling, So to save the plans from further unravelling We will take you with us, you handsome Trad, It really won’t matter if the weather is bad.”

I was put in the van, all wrapped up and snug In a burgundy cover as warm as a rug. “You’ll be quite secure” Joan whispered to me, “Not damaged or scratched – you just wait and see! It will take some time, it’s a long, long drive But you will be fine with me and Clive”.

When seeing me, my owner squealed “You handsome thing you’re truly healed! You’re really smooth and great to use We can spin in long evenings and chat and snooze.

The other wheels said “oh look at you! You’re bronzed and chestnut, look brand new! Not squeaky but with secure tight pegs You really do have a great pair of legs!”

Now, my owner, Traveller and me Make lovely yarns that people see Then knit for warmth against Atlantic weather And winter walks across the heather.

So now I’m settled back at home, I’d like to thank both Clive and Joan For all their kindness, craft and skill, Who cared for me when I was ill. So pale and wan with groans and squeaks They put me right within a week. To both of them I’d like to say


All my love


Before and after photos




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Billy the loveable rogue

Billy bounced into our life in February 2006


Thank you everyone for all your support but regrettably and with a heavy heart I have to tell you all that, after a decade with us, today Billy went via the vets to Rainbow Bridge. After the medication he was actually bouncing again however since last Sunday evening things have not been so good and he stopped eating main meals and would only eat treats like his cheese (with medication) each morning and the last two days has survived on yogurt, banana and a few nibbles of his food. The Vet had said that this particular type of cancer in dogs can be extremely aggressive and the tumour was suddenly getting much larger as he was obviously in discomfort although he did not appear to be in pain and in that respect the medication was working although his quality of life was gone.

So thank you Billy for all the good times, you will always be remembered not only by us, our family and friends but a whole host of customers who loved you as much as we did!

older billy2a

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Our Billy!

Well the last week has been very emotional. Last week had to take Billy (our Jack Russell X) to the vet as he was very ill (not chocolate poisoning again I hasten to add and the vet confirmed No connection with previous vet visit) After various tests and ultra sounds it transpired that he had prostate cancer! An operation was not an option, but there was a little ray of hope. The vet prescribed some capsules (normally taken by humans) that Billy would have to have 1/4 capsule a day! These hopefully would shrink the tumour!  If this didn’t start to show signs of working by today (thursday) then unfortunately Billy would be on a one way ticket to Rainbow Bridge.
I had to go to the pharmacy to obtain the capsules, needless to say they were not in stock so had to be ordered Friday evening and hopefully would arrive for Saturday morning.
In the mean time a major unexpected problem  had been discovered with our van when I was out and about on Friday afternoon.  Gear selector failed and I found I only had 2nd gear, managed to drive home carefully, successfully negotiated the cul de sac at end of road, as no reverse gear to be able to turn around! Parked up, unloaded goods from van, phoned garage and then drove to garage in 2nd gear, lucky there was a build up of traffic, so most other folk were in 2nd gear too lol! Clive followed on to guide our wonderful friend, Sheila, who had said she would collect me from the garage and then after a cuppa took me to vet to collect Billy and then onto the pharmacy. Thank God for friends!
Anyway Saturday morning, phoned the Pharmacy, capsules were in. Walked the 2 1/2 mile round trip to the Pharmacy (wasn’t worth catching the bus and I could walk through the park) and the fresh air helped to clear my mind and also the walk impressed my Fitbit! 
Got home opened a capsule, divided contents into four satchets of tin foil. Vet had said to sprinkle onto Billy’s food but as he was reluctant to eat thought better to get out  the cheese (Billy adores cheese)  Cut thin slice of cheese and divided it into 3, took first sachet and moulded the powder into the cheese, making three little pyramids. Despite how ill he was Billy instantly took each piece of cheese and gobbled it up. After that throughout the day he kept returning to his bowl to nibble a little more food. I had put him onto 1/4 of a small sachet of dog food (just 35 grms or so with a rich tea biscuit broken up into it with a little water. At last he was gradually getting food in.  With frequent visits to the garden he was still trying  and eventually  doing the necessary! The week progressed slowly. every night was a nightmare with Billy (and me) having to get up 5 or 6 times for the frequent often non productive visits to the garden. By Sunday evening /Monday morning we had almost given up hope of a successful outcome. However during the day, Billy was getting brighter and at 11.30 every morning would sit (tail starting to wag) in the kitchen waiting for his cheese supply and of course the powder. Monday evening he actually went right through the night and has done so for the following two nights. He is now eating more in one go and eating the dog meat with ordinary mixer (still keeping him on limited supply to let him do it gradually). We know we are on borrowed time and the cancer could spread elsewhere but Billy is fighting and while he does we (and the vet) will give him that chance. So Billy fans everywhere, he is a little fighter, so any prayers you can spare are welcome, to help him on his way and thanks to the vet for not giving up on him. Also amazingly the 15 capsules for two months supply only cost me £6 and thanks goodness we also have Pet Insurance! So onward and upwards.  So now we just have to get the van back and pay the repair bill then off to Bristol soon for Clive’s Hip operation! Oh boy what a start to the year! Other (good) things have happened including looking after Grandsons and our Daughter’s Graduation but that will have to be in another blog. To our very close family & friends who have known about Billy’s problems, thank you all, for your support over this last ten days it has helped immensely to know you were there for us.
Another Blog as soon as I have time………………………
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